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Ryback - A** kicking machine or new face of wwe?

Jithu Jose
3.69K   //    26 Nov 2012, 10:02 IST

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With John Cena battling for injuries and having lesser matches in PPVs, and CM Punk set for retirement in 2015, WWE needs to find new faces and new heels. Ryback is the best thing that has happened to the WWE in the recent past, and is the answer to at least some of the daring questions asked by the WWE Universe. The survival of WWE in the future depends on the storylines they make, and on how they handle their prime wrestlers. Ryback seems to be the guy who should carry forward the WWE.

Ryback looks to me an a**-kicking machine, and that’s where he is at his best. Austin was one of the better heels that WWE has ever witnessed. Ryback has similarities with Goldberg, and has the same enigma about him. But at the moment, he is better off kicking a**es. Ryback is trained by WWE legend Al Snow. He has got a good finishing move too, known as the “Shell Shocked”.

Ryback’s continued success in the WWE should be supported by well written scripts too. The Rock is set to return this Royal Rumble, and I can see that they are plotting a match with him. But that will only provide one good match, it wont exist over the future. Ryback is a masculine phenomenon who exhibits unrelenting ruthlessness and aggression. Ryback is that kind of guy who brings back crowds into the WWE, which has been missing over the years. He creates adrenaline everywhere with his famous catchphrase FEED ME MORE!

So my suggestion to the WWE is to feed him with more dynamic matches and opponents and fame, trust in his talent, and he will bring WWE to newer heights. So, if he needs to be the face of WWE or the heel, lies entirely with the WWE.

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