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Sami Callihan threatens to break a wrestling legend's legs (Impact Wrestling Exclusive)

Riju Dasgupta
2.86K   //    17 May 2019, 09:18 IST

Sami Callihan is not a fan of extreme wrestling legends
Sami Callihan is not a fan of extreme wrestling legends

Addressing a room full of media from across the world, Impact Wrestling superstar Sami Callihan informs everyone that he's in the toilet while answering this interview. This week's edition of the Impact Wrestling Press Pass Podcast is off to quite a start, to say the least.

I have a chance to ask the self-proclaimed 'Draw' a whole bunch of questions. You can catch Callihan every week on Sony Entertainment Television or alternatively, on the Twitch broadcast on the Impact Wrestling Channel.

After Madman Fulton, is there a chance that more members will be added to oVe? Maybe even a Knockout?

Callihan: You never know who's going to be added to oVe. We have a whole compound of young, talent wrestlers in Ohio right now, chomping at the bit to get on there. And we're a group that people from all over Ohio try to be a part of. You never know who's going to join and that's the cool thing about oVe, we're so unpredictable.

We don't make plans. We're spontaneous human beings.

One year after the baseball bat incident, what do you think of Eddie Edwards' new unhinged personality?

Callihan: Hey, I'm proud of Eddie Edwards. Eddie Edwards finally quit being a boring son of a ***** and grew some *****. And now Eddie Edwards is having one of the best runs of his career and is a complete madman.

I like this Eddie Edwards a lot more than the other Eddie Edwards, because I know that this Eddie Edwards will go off and bite a man's nose off. He don't care. I think it's only a matter of time before you see Eddie Edwards back in the world title picture as well.

You made it seem (earlier in the call) that you're not a fan of legends like Rob Van Dam taking up the spots of younger talent. But do you think that a program between the two of you could be interesting?

Callihan: Maybe, if he wants to get his legs broken. I'm sick of these extreme icons, these extreme legends...the Tommy Dreamers, the RVDs, the Sabus, the Jerry long before these guys get the point and just go die and let people like me be the face of Impact Wrestling?