The story of Sasha Banks and WWE has become a kaleidoscope of controversy

Sasha Banks has been surrounded by a swirling storm of controversy recently
Sasha Banks has been surrounded by a swirling storm of controversy recently
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Oh, what a tangled web Sasha Banks has caught us all in this time. Her rumored comeback to WWE still hasn't happened yet, much to the dismay of her fans.

Perhaps that's what Banks has been searching for throughout her time in WWE. Once seen as a dynamic member of the Women's Revolution just a few short years ago, she is now viewed by many as a malcontent.

When Banks, 30, signed with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2012, it was a rosy time for all parties involved. Already considered one of the best young female prospects available, her time in NXT set the stage for a dazzling entrance into the big time.

Sasha Banks found almost immediate success in WWE, becoming one of the shining stars on its roster

Then, things turned bleak. Looks like the former multi-time world champion is leaving the golden streets of McMahonland. And along with that, walking away from all that 'green' the promotion would likely pay her to stay.

A huge happy birthday to my inspiration Sasha banks. You deserve everything and loads of cash! ❤️Your my hero and you’ve made me the person who I am today!! Eat cake ❤️ @SashaBanksWWE

Whether she is staying or going is one thing. But her walkout with Naomi during a scheduled appearance on RAW certainly did get a lot of fans and critics upset. The duo were stripped of the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship and suspended without pay for their decision.

For a reigning champion to leave in the manner that the two ladies did looked pretty bad on the surface. Not only did it break a sacred 'code' in sports entertainment, it was - quite simply - not the most appropriate way to conduct business.

While Banks may be like a mystical butterfly to loyal fans, she's become nothing more than a brightly-colored pest to others. Unhappy with the creative direction of the titles, she's been angling for her release, although no one is really sure if she's gotten one. Or for that matter, if she ever will.

This incident is not the first - and likely won't be the last - time that certain members of the WWE Universe will take issue with Sasha. She's very polarizing because of her confident attitude and brash approach to the business.

While she has been away, there have been plenty of rumors and gossip about what The Legit Boss' future with the promotion might be. Despite this, she's still a looming shadow over WWE at the moment. Until this situation is resolved one way or the other? She will remain in that spot.

That's unfortunate, because she really is a sensational superstar. She's got amazing athletic ability and charisma. And at her still-young age, Sasha Banks has plenty of years remaining to become the powerful presence she was before.

I just miss Sasha Banks so much

Stories recently swirled that she was set to make a surprise return at Money in the Bank. Sadly, it never materialized, leaving many in the audience disappointed once again.

So for many fans, the question remains the same: Will this brilliant butterfly remain with WWE? Or will she just flutter away?

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