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Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe will steal the show at WWE Payback

Tom Clark
23 Apr 2017, 11:16 IST
Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe will go to war on April 30

Seth Rollins will clash with Samoa Joe at WWE Payback on Sunday, April 30. Rollins is seeking revenge for the injury he sustained at Joe’s hands, an injury that nearly put him out of WrestleMania 33. But Rollins is also fighting to put down the man that currently sits at the right hand of Triple H.

Samoa Joe has fully come into his own as a member of Monday Night Raw’s main roster. The veteran bruiser was once believed to be a lost cause, mostly because so much time had passed since his great runs in Impact Wrestling. Many felt that Joe would never compete in a WWE ring.

But he’s not only fitting in; he’s doing it based on his own merit. WWE never changed Joe; he looks the same, he talks the same, and he’s as much of as killer as he was before he came in. Now, The Destroyer gets a chance to smash The Guy.

Rollins has never looked better, and his win over Triple H at 'Mania proves the company is fully behind him. The Game only does the favour when it benefits the next big star; Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns are living proof of that.

So the table is set for Rollins to shine at Payback, and it could not come soon enough for him. Though he is unquestionably a top star, he’s currently working on a brand owned by his former Shield teammate. Reigns is the face of WWE, which means Mondays belong to him. His feud with Braun Strowman is making the headlines and with good reason. The two will surely do big business at Payback.

Braun Strowman will battle Roman Reigns at Payback

Then there’s the matter of Finn Balor, who has the ability to outshine everyone within a mile of the building. The fans love Balor, and they love his supernatural side even more. The Demon King is one of the most innovative concepts WWE has seen in years, and Balor is perfect in the paint.

Of course, there’s also Chris Jericho. Y2J remains one of the most popular Superstars in the company, and he’s one of the most legendary stars on the roster. He may be taking his leave from WWE soon thanks to a new tour with Fozzy, but until he’s gone, he’s one of Raw’s top babyfaces.

Rollins certainly has some serious competition when it comes to currying favour with the fans on Raw. Considering he also happens to be one of the most popular stars in the company, Rollins is surely in good shape when it comes to the pecking order on Monday nights. His upcoming match with Samoa Joe will only improve his situation.


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Rollins versus Joe should be a primary emphasis for WWE right now. It’s a fresh rivalry, and fans love when new storylines come into being. It’s also one of the most physically intense feuds that could happen, and that’s thanks to the men involved.

Rollins has proven his toughness time and again. He’s never been the biggest man in the fight, but he’s always had the most heart. He’s not afraid of taking chances, he’s fearless in the ring, and he may not be made of steel, but he’s very close. 


Rollins was the breakout star of The Shield because of his guts, and it has served him well since he turned babyface once again. Seth is respected for his fortitude, and for his talent, both of which make him one of the best hands in WWE today. 

Samoa Joe is Samoa Joe and needs no fanfare. Joe is the punishing powerhouse, the man that shouldn’t be quick on his feet, but is. He’s legitimately tough and could take on a ring full of guys and still be the last man standing in the end.

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Joe is exactly what WWE needs because he’s a great talent in the ring, and he’s also committed to his character. He’s believably evil, and fans see him as the real hard-hitting hulk that he is. Samoa Joe is made of steel, and he cannot be broken. That’s the man Rollins will face at Payback, and it’s the perfect match for both men.

This match will not only be one of the most fun to watch on April 30, but it could also very well be an early match of the year candidate. Rollins and Joe each have the ability to steal the show despite who the opponent may be. When they come together at Payback, they will do much more than that.

This is the kind of match that old school fans will love. This is about two rugged fighters stepping between the ropes and inflicting major damage to each other. Like the classic matches featured back in the territory days, Rollins versus Joe will be a war that should leave the audience exhausted yet wanting more. 

There are no championships involved. The match won’t be the main event. But it will be the most important match of the night because two of the industry’s finest will come together to tell an epic story. Fans are ready for highly athletic smash mouth wrestling, and that’s exactly what Joe and Rollins will deliver at Payback. They will burn the house down, and the best part of it all? They’re only just getting started.

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