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Sheamus shares his honest thoughts on Erick Rowan's spider [Exclusive]

  • The Celtic Warrior was most definitely not a fan...
Gary Cassidy
Modified 14 Mar 2020, 03:10 IST

Sheamus opened up about what was in Erick Rowan
Sheamus opened up about what was in Erick Rowan's cage

Just this week, both Sheamus and Drew McIntyre visited the United Kingdom to meet some media outlets ahead of WrestleMania, of which Sportskeeda Wrestling was one of them!

Sadly, the travel restrictions put in place meant my chat with Drew McIntyre was canceled as the pair were flown home early, but I did have the pleasure of chatting with Sheamus!

The best thing about The Celtic Warrior - aside from being a phenomenal athlete - is that he'll give his honest opinion on anything so, of course, I had to ask about Erick Rowan's spider...

Last week's RAW saw the big reveal of what was inside Rowan's cage, an animatronic spider, be critically panned. Then the pay-off of four months' worth of enigma would be squashed on this past week's RAW when McIntyre crushed the cage mid-match, seemingly ending that storyline altogether.

Well, former WWE Champion Sheamus most definitely didn't hold back when I asked him about the big reveal, stating that McIntyre did Rowan a favor by squashing it!

"Oh, dude, I saw that thing come out and I was like... [Sheamus sighs] 'Dear God, someone just needs to get rid of that ASAP.' I'm glad Drew did. Drew did Erick Rowan a favor, mate.
"I don't know what that was, you know? When I saw that thing happen I was like... I don't know. Sometimes... Sometimes things don't work out the way they plan, so that was kind of one of those things but, yeah, I'm glad for Rowan. Erick is a really good lad. Big, powerful lad, you know? That was just... That was sh**e."

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Published 14 Mar 2020, 03:10 IST
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