Shortest WrestleMania matches in WWE history

Modified 21 Jul 2014
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Shortest WrestleMania matches
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This list consisting of the shortest WrestleMania matches will surprise everyone as it also includes some title matches in it. Here’s the list:

#5. Hulk Hogan vs Yokozuna (22 seconds)

WrestleMania 9 was the occasion and the stage was set for the WWF title match. Yokozuna was up against Bret Hart and with the help of his aide, he managed to defeat Bret Hart and win the WWF title. This enraged the Hulkster who was at the ring side, and he started protesting with the referee. 

That’s when Yokozuna’s aide Fuji laid out a challenge for Hogan to fight Yokozuna for the title and the crowd got involved it heavily asking Hulk to accept the challenge. And at the same time, Bret who was still recovering from the blow demanded Hogan to step in and fight, which the Hulkster obliged. As soon as the match began, Yokozuna caught hold of Hogan and Fuji tried to throw salt in his eyes just like how he did to Bret.

But this time the Hulkster moved resulting in the salt falling into Yokozuna’s eyes. Hogan then brought him down and delivered his trademark leg drop to get the win immediately and winning the title back in just 22 seconds.

#4. Rey Mysterio vs John Bradshaw Layfield (21 seconds)

The 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania was a huge success and it had a shocking outcome when the Intercontinental championship match between Mysterio and JBL ended in just 21 seconds. Before the bell rang, JBL kicked Rey and once the match officially started he was about to hit a clothesline which was ducked by Rey.

He then kicked JBL and hit the ‘619’ and then jumped on top of him from the top rope and pinning him to win the title. All this happened inside 21 seconds much to the jubiliation of the entire crowd. JBL who was enraged with the result immediately announced that he was quitting and he was indeed right. He has never wrestled after that.

#3. The Hart foundation vs The Bolsheviks (19 seconds)

This match was held during the 6th anniversary of the showpiece event and it was a number one contender’s match. When the match was about to start, the bolsheviks started singing the Russian national anthem inside the ring.

This enraged Anvil, but Bret managed to hold him for sometime before Anvil hit Volkoff throwing him out of the ring in that process. The match began and the duo double teamed to finish off Zhukov and got the pinfall. The match was over after just 19 seconds.

#2. Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus (18 seconds)

The result didn’t shock any, but the manner in which the match panned out did shock everyone in the arena. But the crowd did love it since Daniel Bryan was potrayed as a heel that time. Sheamus had won the Royal Rumble and he decided to challenge Bryan for the World Heavyweight title.

When the bell rang, there was so much expectation, and at that moment, Bryan turned to ringside to have a little moment with his on-screen partner AJ Lee. When he turned back, Sheamus surprised him with a kick to the face that brought Bryan down. 

Shemus immediately pinned Bryan and became the Heavyweight Champion in a match that lasted just 18 seconds.

#1. Kane vs Chavo Guerrero (12 seconds)

Chavo wouldn’t be one proud record holder that’s for sure. All it took Kane is one big chokeslam under 12 seconds to get the pinfall and with it the ECW championship at Wrestlemania 24.

It all started with a battle royal to determine the number one contender and Kane won it. Chavo was surprised by the big red monster as he showed up from under the ring when his music was playing. The referee tries to inform Chavo about Kane’s presence which the latter doesn’t even bother listening.

The moment he turns back, he is met with a huge chokeslam from hell which ended his title reign.

Published 17 Jul 2014
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