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SK Exclusive: Fans turn on Roman Reigns and Cena; 22 beach balls are confiscated 

The fans at the Brooklyn Center attempted to hijack Raw.

News 22 Aug 2017, 14:00 IST

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Roman Reigns and John Cena defeated The Miz and Samoa Joe

As reported by the Dirty Sheets, via our YouTube channel, several fans who attended Raw at the Brooklyn Center turned on the show and attempted to hijack it by releasing 22 beach balls and starting 8 Mexican waves during the show.

The wrestlers in the main event were completely distracted by the beach ball antics. You can see how disruptive the crowd were in the following video.

The actions of the crowd actually forced John Cena to address the fans' actions after the show, which you can see in the following video.

The beach ball seems to be another object added to the list objects banned in WWE events. On this past week's episode of RAW, fans were ejected from the venue possibly due to another beach ball incident.

Although Cena claimed he enjoyed their antics, many didn't. Finn Balor and Jason Jordan seemed rattled and distracted by the crowd. Those caught releasing a beach ball were being immediately ejected, but this didn't stop the fans from releasing more of them.

The issues began shortly after it was confirmed that Roman Reigns and John Cena would be teaming up in the main event. What was a good crowd up to that point, then went into business for themselves. Although Roman and Cena can't be blamed for any of this, the disruptions did coincide with their appearance and union. In addition to that, 6 beach balls were released during the first 5 minutes of the main event.

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