SK Exclusive: Interview with Josh Mathews, discussing GOATs of commentary, Scott Steiner, India and more

We caught up with the lead play-by-play announcer of Impact Wrestling

Much to my disappointment, Josh Mathews wasn’t the obnoxious, evil, conniving, self-centered man I thought he would be. Instead, he was a well-spoken man, who was courteous and polite, through the course of the interview. While he did slip into character at times, Mathews is clearly a man who’s enjoying his time and role at Impact; he is clearly invested in growing the brand and taking it to the next level. Here are some excerpts from my conversation with the GOAT himself- Josh Mathews.

Q: How does it feel to be teaming up with Scott Steiner? What can JB and Abyss expect at Slammiversary?

A: I don’t want to give away spoilers right now, but yeah, I know that lots of people saw the video that came out on Youtube. It’s exciting to team up with Big Poppa Pump. JB and Abyss can expect an absolute beat down at Slammiversary.

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Q: So a lot of Impact Wrestling Stars have recently left the company, and new stars have come in. How does this affect Impact Wrestling?

A: You know, the wrestling business has always been…I won’t say a revolving door…there’s loyalties and things like that but…it’s just the way this business goes. You don’t stay in one place forever. Guys are going to test the waters at other places and see how that feels. Others are going to come and test the waters here, and that’s one of the most exciting things about being in the business that you have those opportunities.

Q: One of the things that made Impact Wrestling different last year was the presentation of content, thanks to the Hardyz. Will Impact Wrestling look at unconventional ways to promote the current product too?

A: You could get into a whole ratings conversation, and what Total Nonstop Deletion did or didn’t do, and what Alberto El Patron did by coming here, and you can look at those numbers and decide for yourself if things like what we did last year made sense, or if things like bringing in a star like El Patron is better for the company, and you can figure that out for yourself.

Q: Have you seen the Hardyz on WWE television and have you seen them reverting to their unbroken selves?

A: I have not seen The Hardyz on WWE television, and I’ve had a text conversation with Matt Hardy, but that’s it.

Q: You are the self-confessed GOAT on the announce table. Other than you, who else would you say are the GOATs of commentary, both play-by-play and colour?

A: Oh, nobody. There’s no one. The Mount Rushmore of Broadcasting is just me. It’s just my likeness. Four different faces of me.

Q: Who would you say is the in-ring GOAT of Impact Wrestling right now?

A: Lashley. He’s phenomenal, he’s amazing, he’s well, he’s probably the best athlete in the world today.

Q: What’s your best memory of working for the WWE?

A: No real memories of on-screen stuff, most of my memories from there are the friends that I’ve made and getting the chance to travel the world, multiple times. I remember being 19 years old and starting my journey. I remember that.

Q: How’s working at Impact different from working for WWE?

A: Here there’s a little more freedom, a little more leeway, a little more opportunity. The potential for growth is so much more. WWE is a well-oiled machine that’s been around for so many years. We’re about half their age when you look at the 15th Anniversary of Slammiversary taking place on Sunday, July 2nd. So, we’re not trying to replicate them but do our thing in the same sort of entertainment world.

Q: Last question about WWE. What’s your impression of JBL, as a person, as a human being?

A: No comments.

Q: Will Impact Wrestling be shooting episodes in India, as rumours on the internet indicate right now? If so, can you shed some light on it?

A: I don’t want to be the person to share the news. I’ll let the news come from Impact, from the company. When it does, I think Indian fans will be very excited.

Q: How important is India as a market for Impact Wrestling?

A: India is super important to Impact Wrestling. I don’t know if I can say it any differently. It’s super important. We love being on Sony Six and love building the relationship and love our tremendous fan base there.

Q: Do you think Impact Wrestling also needs a separate developmental brand, like NXT is?

A: I believe that it’s a long way away. We have to focus on what we can do at the moment.

Q: What makes you the GOAT of play-by-play commentary?

A: Just watch the show, and you’ll hear it!

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