SK Exclusive: Kurt Angle return match nixed

Kurt Angle will not wrestle Seth Rollins at Survivor Series

What's the story?

Kurt Angle will not be wrestling in the WWE. This was made evidently clear when the WWE nixed an idea for Angle's WWE return last month. The story was broken by The Dirty Sheets podcast, via the "DS Breaking News" show.


The heart of the matter

According to our sources, the WWE nixed a HUGE proposal from 2K Games, who wanted Kurt Angle to face Seth Rollins at Survivor Series. The idea was the same as the previous year, where Goldberg and Brock Lesnar — the special downloadable character and cover star respectively — headlined the show.

However, unlike Lesnar vs. Goldberg, the WWE higher-ups nixed the idea as they have NO PLANS for Kurt Angle to return to the ring, contrary to other reports.

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What's next?

The text message storyline will reveal that Angle has an illegitimate child and the identity of the child. However, it will not involve Triple H or Seth Rollins, and Angle will not have a match with either of those men.

Author's take

This news will, unfortunately, shock and disappoint many fans who were hoping that a Kurt Angle match was on the horizon. Unfortunately, both the WWE and Angle himself consider the Olympic Gold medalist fully retired and inactive.

It will be interesting to see what happens if Angle ever feels the need to wrestle again and attempts to convince the WWE to book him into a match. As things stand though, Angle will not work a match anytime soon.

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