SK Exclusive Spoiler: Least likely Superstar expected to become No.1 Contender for the WWE Championship

Totally unexpected! 

What’s the story?

Our sources report that Jinder Mahal, who was only recently drafted to SmackDown Live!, is booked to win the Six-Pack Challenge on this week’s show. The other contenders for the match which will decide the No. 1 Contender for the WWE World Title held currently by Randy Orton include Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan, Luke Harper and Mojo Rawley.

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In case you didn’t know...

Rob Gronkowski cost Jinder Mahal his victory at the Andre the Giant Battle Royale during the WrestleMania 33 pre-show, helping his best friend Mojo Rawley to eliminate Jinder. The following RAW saw Jinder lose to Sami Zayn and on the week after that, he delivered a stiff elbow to the head of Finn Balor resulting in a serious concussion.

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The heart of the matter

Jinder Mahal is currently being pushed by WWE management and having him in the WWE World Title picture is the most plausible outcome if our sources are to be trusted.

Randy Orton is locked in a rivalry with Bray Wyatt at least till Payback but soon after that, we believe he will put his title on the line against Jinder.

What’s next?

Jinder is a decent worker and is slowly getting over with fans in the last few months. It is unclear if he will secure the WWE World Title but he is sure to get a shot at the winning it soon enough. He got a good reaction from the audience at the Battle Royale and some fans believe that he deserved to win the trophy. He will definitely be one of the bigger stars in the SmackDown Live! roster in the near future.

Author’s take

Jinder Mahal is one of the newer members of the SmackDown roster and he deserves the push at the moment. Jinder winning the No. 1 Contender match will surely take the audience by surprise as it is very much unexpected and this will be the angle that WWE is playing at.

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