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SK's take on Paige never being able to wrestle again

Riju Dasgupta
26.69K   //    13 Jan 2018, 13:27 IST

Being a wrestling journalist can be a very heartbreaking job
Being a professional wrestling journalist can be a very heartbreaking job

When you consume as many hours of weekly WWE programming as we do, as fans and as journalists, the characters on screen become more than mere athletes with gimmicks to you.

You see them for what they truly are. They are fans of WWE, much like you are. They are all dreamers, in pursuit of a career under the spotlight to entertain millions of adoring fans, every single week.

Some of them are so supremely talented that they even experience a measure of success in WWE. Take Paige for instance. She was the first ever NXT Women's Champion, paving the path for hundreds of young women to follow in her footsteps.

She became the youngest Divas Champion in the history of the erstwhile championship. That too, on her very first night in the main roster. The world was Paige's oyster, at that moment in time. Everyone agreed that she had a great future, in the years that would follow.

What could possibly slow her down?

However, all good things must come to an end. Paige was the victim of injuries, wellness violations and cyber-crime. At the peak of her career, she was put on the bench yet again. By all indications, she would not let that deter her in any way.

Unfortunately, only days after her return to WWE as a member of Absolution, a freak accident at a WWE Live Event would prematurely end her career, as certain reports have indicated. A blow from Sasha Banks to the back of Paige's neck would make Paige's WWE run fade to black.

We hate to say this, but the reports are trustworthy and we fear the worst. Right now, we have a very simple request for you.

Do not blame Sasha Banks for injuring Paige, dear readers. "The Boss" will carry the burden of what was obviously an accident, for the rest of her life. The nature of the business is such that injuries are an unfortunate part of it! Trolls, please leave poor Sasha Banks alone.

As for Paige, we do hope that she does find happiness after her retirement. Maybe she could be a trainer at the Performance Center, inspiring the younger generation in a different way. Maybe she could segue on to a different career path and find fulfilment there!

Life isn't fair, and this incident is proof of the same. Thank you for all the years of entertainment, Paige. We will miss you!

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Riju Dasgupta
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