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SK WWE Power Rankings: November 21st, 2016

Big changes in the Power Rankings after Survivor Series.

Goldberg shocked the world on Sunday night

Survivor Series is one of the biggest shows of the year for WWE, and the results of the show were bound to have an impact on the Power Rankings as well. These expectations were exceeded as Sunday night’s show completely turned the Power Rankings upside down.  

Kevin Owens, who reigned on top, suffered an early elimination that worked against him in the rankings when Goldberg came in with one of the biggest wins in recent history.

Meanwhile, a string of unexpected survivors poked up last night and also had an impact on the rankings. As we are now heading into the post-Survivor Series period, here is a look at how the show changed the Power Rankings.

#10 Cesaro and Sheamus (NR)

Future champions?

The tag team of Cesaro and Sheamus was a work in progress. It was interesting to see Sheamus and Cesaro team up initially, but the whole storyline had slowed down a bit since then. At Survivor Series, it once again hit the throttle.

In a match that showcased the top teams from both brands, it was Cesaro and Sheamus that came out on top, and this is a big achievement indeed.

By doing so, Cesaro and Sheamus have now earned a shot at the Tag team championships and if they manage to dethrone New Day from the top on Monday Night, expect the team to make another leap in the rankings.

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