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Smackdown 29/1/15 - Results and recap

Ratish Menon
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The main-event advertised for Smackdown Live

With the Monday night RAW episode this week shut down due to a harsh snowstorm, Smackdown emanated live from HT, CT. The show opened with the COO of the WWE Triple H coming out and addressing the WWE Universe. He gives props to the participants in the WWE World Heavyweight championship match and acknowledges the ‘controversy’ surrounding the Royal Rumble match, which brings out Roman Reigns. reigns claims he doesn’t see any controversy and is looking forward to Wrestlemania, to which Triple H tells him to slow down and focus on winning his!

Roman Reigns vs Big Show

In a pretty good opening match, Roman Reigns went at it against oft rival The Big Show. The match was back & forth with reigns kicking out of a chokeslam and even managing to press slam the giant off the top rope! The rumble winner takes this one and does it in style with a spear following the press slam.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins comes out and boasts about how great he looked Sunday night and he may have lost the match, but came out with a firmer grip on the future. He issued an open challenge to the locker room to which Ryback responds, but J & J security and Rollins beat him down till Ziggler and Erick Rowan make the save.

Tyson Kidd (w/ Cesaro & Natalya) vs Jey Uso (w/ Jimmy Uso & Naomi)

Kidd scores a win with a spinning neckbreaker after a distraction.

Winner : Tyson Kidd

Lana & Rusev come to the ring and cut a promo about Rusev being the deserving winner at the Rumble and call out Cena as a sore loser. Cena comes out and issues a challenge to Rusev to fight it out, to which the Russian declines and leaves.


Backstage, Paige is attacked by the Bella twins in the middle of a interview with Renee Young. 

Goldust & Stardust vs The Ascension

In a departure from the squash matches that they have been a part of lately, The Ascension takes on the Dusts in a competitive match and come out looking better. Slight tension is teased between the dusts during the match, before the former NXT tag champs hit Fall of Man for the win.

Winners : The Ascension

Kane vs Daniel Bryan (Casket match)

In the main-event, this match is set to be the blow-off for the feud that has been going on for over a year. The match is a signature contest involving Daniel Bryan as he plays the underdog in a speciality match for Kane. He is able to deliver all of his signature moves, including the Yes lock in the casket. After many a close calls, Bryan is able to lock the Big Red Monster in the casket following a Knee plus, for a win. 

Winner : Daniel Bryan

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