Solo Sikoa to replace current Bloodline member with 32-year-old wrestler? Exploring the possibility

Solo Sikoa has made new additions to The Bloodline
Solo Sikoa has made new additions to The Bloodline

The Bloodline under Solo Sikoa seems to be more vicious than it was before. Sikoa's reign as leader earned him victory against Randy Orton and Kevin Owens at WWE Backlash. The Enforcer also made additions to the faction, which have worked in his favor.

While Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa have both proven to be valuable additions to the faction, it might be time that Sikoa replaces Tama Tonga. Yes, the replacement may seem early, given Tama joined the faction just after WrestleMania 40. However, this potential replacement could bring about the debut of Jacob Fatu.

According to reports, Fatu has signed with the Stamford-based promotion, and this is the perfect opportunity for Sikoa to approach him. Sikoa should replace Tama Tonga with Jacob Fatu because of the former's loss to Randy Orton. If Solo has made anything clear until now, it's that he hates losing.

That's why he did not spare his brother, Jimmy Uso. Since Tama Tonga lost the King of the Ring tournament match to Orton, a big rival of The Bloodline, Sikoa could act in anger and look to replace him with the new and hungry Jacob Fatu.

Real-life Bloodline member says Solo Sikoa's Bloodline is dangerous

Solo Sikoa is hungry for success, and his actions as leader of The Bloodline indicate the same. After all, since winning against John Cena at Crown Jewel in 2023, Sikoa hasn't achieved much. Hence, by making new additions to his faction, Sikoa is stamping his authority on SmackDown.

One person who recently appreciated Sikoa's Bloodline is Umaga's son, Zilla Fatu. During an interview with MuscleManMalcolm, Zilla was asked what he thought about Sikoa's Bloodline. Zilla answered by saying it was dangerous. He said:

"I think it's dangerous. It definitely opened a lot of people's eyes because it's like with the story, with The Bloodline story, there's so many perspectives, so many opinions, and so many outlooks with this story. There's no belt involved. Everybody going for that necklace." [9:06 - 9:48]

You can check out what Zilla Fatu said about the new Bloodline under Sikoa in the video below:


While Zilla has made his thoughts clear about Solo Sikoa's Bloodline, it will be interesting to see whether he shares the ring with the faction in the near future. Until then, all eyes will be on Jacob Fatu and his WWE debut.