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Sportskeeda's take on rumors of Jinder Mahal retaining the WWE Championship at SummerSlam  

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What will be the fate of the WWE Championship at SummerSlam?

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer recently reported that he believes Shinsuke Nakamura will fail to defeat WWE Champion Jinder Mahal at SummerSlam as many fans were speculating a title change during the match followed by a cash-in from Baron Corbin.

He noted that in the eyes of the WWE, having Jinder Mahal or Baron Corbin as the champion would be almost the same thing, except that they are expanding their audience base to India and Jinder retaining would help with that. Meltzer added that the ratings for SmackDown haven't declined since Jinder became champion so WWE shouldn't be looking for a change of title yet.

As we have reported previously, our sources have revealed that WWE is disinterested with continuing with their viewership expansion plans in India since it didn't produce much in the way of results.

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According to our very own Billi Bhatti, Nakamura will win the match at SummerSlam and the victory will be followed by a Money in the Bank contract cash-in from Baron Corbin.

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Jinder has held the WWE Championship for way longer than anyone expected it to but it looks like the tables can turn on the Maharaja this month at SummerSlam. An immediate cash-in makes perfect sense after Nakamura secures the victory, especially since the PPV will be Corbin's biggest opportunity to make his mark on the WWE Universe as well get his revenge on the Artist, who he attacked only last week.

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