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Sportskeeda WWE Awards 2016: Heel of the Year

We shortlist ten heels who impressed us the most in 2016 and crown a despicable winner.

Let’s find out which heels made it to this list then!

The heel or the antagonist is responsible for the drama that we love and cherish about sports entertainment. Through time, the most evil, conniving and sadistic figures of wrestling have been booed by packed live audiences and jeered by millions watching at home. Even in the year 2016, the tradition of a heel remains a constant fixture of WWE.

While, unlike yesteryear, the heel is sometimes cheered more than the babyface is, they are still an indispensable component of sports entertainment.

This year, we conducted a poll on our Facebook page and also asked our writers to pick their choices with regard to the company’s top heels. The results of the poll remain consistent with the choice of the writers in most cases. Check out the poll below:

After taking a cumulative stock of both reader’s choice and writers’ choice; we have arrived at the following countdown. Let’s find out who was 2016’s top heel! 

#10 Rusev

With better booking, Machka would have been higher up

Rusev did something amazing this year. Something that hadn’t happened since John Cena had dropped the US Championship to Alberto Del Rio last year. He brought legitimacy to the US Championship, once again.

Accompanied by the beautiful Lana, Rusev outshone his peers in the League of Nations and had a successful singles run after the dissolution of the group. Defeating everyone in his path, Rusev eventually confronted Roman Reigns and had one of the best feuds all year with him.

We still think that WWE does not realise how big a goldmine Rusev is. Despite his booking, Rusev makes it to number 10!

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