Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast: 10 best episodes

The Texas Rattle Snake, and podcasting legend

The iconic redneck, the Texas Rattlesnake and WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin entered the podcasting world in April 2013, where he started The Steve Austin Show, a more family friendly program. He has an adult-oriented version of the show as well titled The Steve Austin Show – Unleashed.

Over 3 and a half years in, Austin has worldwide audience with hundreds of millions of downloads every month. We take a look at the best that Austin has to offer in the audio world from his podcasting home in Los Angeles, California.

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NOTE: While we will provide the youtube links to the podcasts, we request you support Austin by going to his official Podcast One page and downloading the episodes for free. You can listen to the family friendly version here, and the adult version here.

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Honorary mention: Wade Keller on The Steve Austin Show

Wade Keller is one of Steve Austin’s most frequent guests

The Texas Rattlesnake calls PWTorch founder Wade Keller at least once a month to sit and break down PPVs and even NXT Takeover specials. The pair’s styles suit each other and they find themselves agreeing with each other more often than not.

However, both are experts in their own ways, and it is extremely interesting to see their take on the current WWE product and give an insight into the things that fans may miss out on.

You can listen to the pair break down NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II, and Summerslam here

#10 Dave Meltzer

Steve Austin went head-to-head with Wrestling’s top journalist

In the world of Professional Wrestling, there is no journalist more respected and trusted with sources than Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Meltzer has been in the business for 3 decades, and as mentioned, is extremely well-revered. His star ratings on matches are highly referenced for the quality of matches as well.

In episode 67 of the show, Austin and Meltzer discuss various topics such as Meltzer’s introduction to the business, his storied career, The Montreal Screwjob, and why Meltzer once gave Austin’s matches -3.5 stars!

You can listen to the episode here

#9 Steve Austin vs The Fly

What is Steve Austin’s beef with flies?

This is as bizarre as it sounds, but it is just as entertaining as well. An entire podcast dedicated to Steve Austin ranting about flies and interviewing “Mr. Fly”(himself in an automated voice). Austin and Mr. Fly talk about origins and the long-standing feud with human beings, among other things.

Mr. Fly also never seems to miss a chance to insult the Texas Rattlesnake.

You can listen to the episode here

#8 Chael Sonnen

Austin always focused on bridging the gap between Pro Wrestling and MMA from the get-go

Chael Sonnen was one of the original trash talkers of MMA, being the definition of his time of “putting butts in seats”. One of Austin’s first interviews was with the MMA legend shortly before his Light Heavyweight title match against Jon Jones at UFC 159 (which ended up being a losing effort).

Austin and Sonnen dig into both the worlds of MMA and Pro Wrestling and bridge the gap between the two. Sonnen has had Austin as a guest on his own podcast titled You’re Welcome as well.

You can listen to the episode here

#7 Roddy Piper

The late, great Roddy Piper with The Texas Rattlesnake

Austin had a two-part interview with the late, great, Roddy Piper. The two parts were Roddy telling the epic story of his life and career in WWE. One of professional wrestling’s greatest legends was part of one of the most entertaining podcasts.

You can listen to part one here and part two here

#6 The Big Show

The Network version of the interview is considered to be the best of the lot.

Steve Austin interviewed Big Show on the WWE Network earlier this year on the Stone Cold Podcast. However, this episode is exclusive to his own podcast, and the Big Show lets loose on several interesting experiences and stories. The journey of the World’s Largest Athlete is unlike any other.

You can listen to the episode here

#5 Jim Ross

Good Ol’ JR has called all of Austin’s greatest moments from ringside

Who better a guest than a fellow podcaster and WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross. The Texas Rattlesnake and JR are no strangers to each other, with Good Ol’ JR calling all of Austin’s most iconic moments. JR also has a podcast on PodcastOne known as The Ross Report.

You can listen to the two-part interview with JR here and here

#4 Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler called a significant part of Austin’s career as well

Jerry “The King” Lawler was with Jim Ross calling out Austin’s career, which contained some of the greatest moments in the business of professional wrestling. Lawler himself is full of accolades, being a huge star in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lawler tells great stories on his legendary career in Memphis, his feud with Andy Kauffman, the territory days, the transition into WWE, and more!

You can listen to the two-part interview here and here

#3 John Cena

Austin has always been a vocal supporter of John Cena

Austin and John Cena were and are the faces of the WWE. That is perhaps why Austin has always backed Cena because he knows the pressure that comes with being the company’s top star. A couple of months before Wrestlemania 30, Cena and Austin went head-to-head and spoke about the Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania XXX, and the business in general.

You can listen to the full interview here

#2 Shawn Michaels

The Wrestlemania XIV bout between the legendary pair was significant

Shawn Michaels was the top star of The New Generation Era(along with Bret Hart), while Austin was the top star of the Attitude Era (along with The Rock). The two squared off at Wrestlemania XIV that saw a passing of the torch, and the dawn of the Attitude Era.

Shawn Michaels was on the Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network, but he was also the second guest on The Steve Austin Show. Delve into Austin’s interview with the greatest in-ring performer of all time.

You can listen to the episode here

#1 Paul Heyman

The two have crossed paths in the past in Austin’s pre-WWE days

Heyman was another guest who was on the WWE Network version of the podcast. However, prior to that, the two had time to sit down and talk, and Heyman, one of the greatest minds in the business talks CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, the greatest managers of all time, and forming the ECW.

Also, hear the stories behind the giant cell phone gimmick, the creation of Paul E. Why Paul loves the Raven character, Mick Foley promos and about who he thinks epitomised the ECW brand!

You can listen to the podcast here

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