From The WWE Rumor Mill: Another surprising story emerges regarding Baron Corbin's push ending

He's not happy and we suspect we know why...

What’s the story?

In recent weeks, Corbin's seemingly unstoppable ascent to the top of Smackdown Live has badly derailed, theories have abounded as to why, this week some were shot down, whilst others emerged.

in case you didn't know...

A few weeks ago Corbin looked primed to be the next big beneficiary of the coveted MITB briefcase, but a failed cash-in coupled with a lackluster outing vs John Cena at Summerslam has left fans wondering who the "Lone Wolf" has ticked off in the WWE office.

The heart of the matter

In this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer confirmed that Corbin's stopped push had nothing to do with John Cena, who is always a prime target for accusations of burying upcoming talent.

Nor were Corbin's Twitter interactions with Meltzer himself as well as others within WWE cited as a reason for Corbin's apparent heat with the office.

"It was an entirely different situation outside the ring that happened a few weeks ago."

It appears as though the situation Meltzer referred to took place at a meeting with Joseph Maroon, the head of WWE's wellness program.

PWInsider's Mike Johnson stated that he had heard from several wrestlers in the company that Corbin derailed a meeting by arguing with Maroon several times regarding CTE, citing his prior experience in the NFL.

It is believed that the constant disruptions to a meeting featuring several high-up company execs led to Corbin's current situation. The prevailing feeling among observers being that Corbin handled things badly and that he should have taken Maroon aside afterwards.

What’s next?

Corbin appears to have fallen on his feet somewhat, heading for a program with arguably the best worker in the company in US champion AJ Styles.

Author’s take

It's crunch time for Corbin, his spell in the doghouse appears to be over as of Summerslam but he needs to put serious work into his upcoming feud with Styles.

If he fails to have at least passable matches with one of the best in the business, it will only raise more questions over his long term future.

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