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Suggesting 5 Wrestlemania angles for The Broken Hardys

If Matt and Jeff do return at Wrestlemania, who will be deleted?

Top 5 / Top 10 28 Feb 2017, 14:54 IST
The Broken Hardys could be coming to the WWE

Matt and Jeff Hardy could have continued with their original gimmicks and they would still have been considered pioneers in professional tag-team wrestling, many decades down the line.

Being the Innovators that they are, not only did they redefine the way tag team matches were wrestled during the Attitude Era; they also redefined themselves in 2016.

Adopting a ‘Broken’ gimmick, which is equal parts satire, gibberish and entertainment; they made wrestling fun once again and more importantly, TNA relevant again!

Recently, we reported that rumours were rife about the Hardy Boyz coming to Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, Florida!  Who will they be deleting at the biggest show of the year? Let’s discuss and speculate.

#5 Impromptu match with New Day

Will we finally get to witness this much-awaited contest?

Broken Matt Hardy has been very vocal about wanting to face ‘The Day of New’, or for those who don’t speak the Broken Tongue - The New Day! Not only did The New Day do a poor parody of The Final Deletion with the Wyatt Family, as of now, they do not have a match for Wrestlemania 33.

From what we gather, they are just the hosts for the mega event at present.

The New Day has been aimless and directionless over the past few months after their long record-breaking tag team championship reign. They need The Hardys just as much as the Hardys need them at this point.

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Speaking of gibberish, if anything can match up to unicorns and Booty-Os, it is talk about being deleted and becoming obsolete.

Both teams are known for very different brands of humour but we believe that in the right environment, with half the crowd chanting ‘New Day Rocks’ and the other ‘Delete’, it’ll be awesome!

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