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Talking Smack Recap, February 22nd 2017

Missed Talking Smack? Here's what happened

AJ Styles to face Luke Harper next week in a #1 contender’s match

The show began with Talking Smack hosts Daniel Bryan and Renee Young discussing the controversial finish of tonight's Battle Royale. Bryan announced that next week, Luke Harper would be facing AJ Styles to determine the #1 contender for Bray Wyatt's WWE World Championship. 

After putting the matter of the World Title to rest, Daniel Bryan started talking about former SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi's title forfeiture, which happened tonight. Bryan said that it was not his decision to take the title from Naomi.

He explained that Naomi, Shane McMahon, and the team of doctors sat down and selected the best option for her. 

#1 Becky Lynch

Lynch complimented Naomi by calling her an incredible wrestler. Lynch said that she was prepared to have a match for the title, but didn't know that it would be on the pretext of Naomi's forfeiture. 

Lynch congratulated Bliss on becoming the first-ever two-time SmackDown Women's Champion. 

Lynch said that she doesn't know why Mickie James is bothering her. Lynch further added that she respects each and everything Mickie James has accomplished in her career. Lynch desired another match against Mickie James and asked Bryan to make it happen. Bryan said that he would have to talk to his superiors to make it happen. 

Lynch thanked Bryan and left. 

Bryan started taking shots at RAW's General Manager, Mick Foley. Bryan said that SmackDown LIVE's women wrestlers were in the first three segments. Bryan challenged RAW to have a hour-and-a-half long match featuring their women wrestlers. 

Renee Young complimented Natalya and Nikki Bella for their performances in the Falls Count Anywhere match. Bryan said that he hadn't talked to Nikki Bella. He thought that Maryse was hurt, but was surprised by her actions. 

#2 The Usos

The Usos said that the Alphas have something they want. They even referred to the American Alpha as the Young Bucks who think “they know everythang and anythang, but they don’t know anythang and everythang.”

Jimmy, who's Naomi's husband, asked Bryan why they took away the title from Naomi. Bryan told him to imagine what would happen if the American Alpha were injured. Bryan said that The Usos would jump at the opportunity to take their titles away. The Usos agreed with Bryan's assumption. 

After the Usos left, Bryan and Renee started discussing what happened between John Cena and The Miz in the episode. They saw the clip of John Cena eliminating The Miz from the Battle Royale, and then The Miz retaliating by throwing Cena out. 

Bryan said that Superstars like Baron Corbin and The Miz always come on Talking Smack and complain about not getting any opportunities, but tonight they both had a chance to make a name for themselves but got eliminated. 

#3 AJ Styles

Styles asked Bryan, why he didn't restart the match rather than postponing it. Bryan explained that it was a live event and they didn't have any extra time. 

After watching the replay of the match, Bryan informed Styles, that if he would've had to make a decision tonight, it would've been in Luke Harper's favour. Styles said that Harper's leg had probably already hit the ground before he did. 

Styles asked about the whereabouts of Shane McMahon. Styles said that compared to Bryan, Shane made better decisions.  

Renee Young thanked Styles for coming on the show. Styles inquired whether she was kicking him off, and said that it was Bryan, who deserved to be kicked off. Bryan left, leaving Styles and Renee to close the show. 

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