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Talking Smack Recap (January 3rd, 2017)

The Miz cut another memorable promo on Talking Smack.

Talking Smack continued to be the hottest program on the WWE Network

Opening segment:

Renee Young began by talking about how they were trying to make SmackDown Live the best show, and how they were nailing it. Daniel Bryan said it was a huge accomplishment because it took a while for people to acknowledge that their show is better.

Bryan said that the whole journey has been fun, and added that it's fun to see people stepping up into positions they've been asking for or demanding. Renee addressed the elephant in the room - that she had been slapped by Maryse. Bryan said that he fined Maryse $5,000 for slapping a non-wrestler

Renee moved to the topic of Dean Ambrose winning the Intercontinental Championship. Bryan said that what he loves about SmackDown Live is that they put the Intercontinental title match in the main event. Bryan said that the Tag Team title match between American Alpha and The New Wyatt family next week should be the main event. 

Baron Corbin:

Renee Young introduced the first guest, Baron Corbin. Renee said that Baron Corbin had a ‘bold mission statement’. Corbin said that he made a statement, and he plans to follow through with it. He said that he is targeting the Royal Rumble, after which he will compete at Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship, but he is going to leave Wrestlemania the new WWE Champion. 

Renee asked Corbin about facing AJ Styles & John Cena, both of whom are veterans, while Corbin is still in the infancy of his career.

Corbin first spoke about AJ Styles. He mentioned AJ's claim that SmackDown's ratings victory over Raw was because of him, and refuted his claims by saying that AJ has been in many main events on SmackDown Live but he (Corbin) was the one in the main event and drew the ratings. Corbin said that he was the Superstar in that situation.

Regarding John Cena, Corbin said that he would put his teeth down his throat. Bryan asked Corbin if it was the smart thing to look through John Cena. Corbin said that looking through him is easy because he isn't there all the time, and said that his game is part-time.

He credited Cena for doing great things for a long time but said that his time is up. He said that Cena can keep talking about those great moments in his career, and a lot of people have had those moments, but they all came to an end.

Renee asked Corbin if he felt it was the end for John Cena, to which Corbin responded that he did. He said that he will make all the kids that look up to Cena cry when he puts him down. Corbin proclaimed that he is the number one Superstar. He said that while he doesn't believe it will be an easy fight, it is his time, and Cena's time comes to an end next week.

Renee wished him luck for his match next week, and he departed.

Bryan said that he loved the confidence Corbin carries. He also said that SmackDown Live's ratings victory over Raw was a group effort. He also praised Corbin for his effort in the WWE Championship match the previous week and put over his chances of winning the Royal Rumble.

Bryan spoke a little about part timers getting opportunities in big spots at Wrestlemania when full-timers work harder throughout the year and how it makes full-time talents feel. He said that now that he is in management, he views it from a different perspective.

Carmella and James Ellsworth:

Renee asked what exactly was going on between Carmella and Ellsworth. Ellsworth apologised to Daniel Bryan and Carmella's opponent Aliyah. He said that sometimes he just doesn't think when he takes actions. 

Carmella justified Ellsworth's interference much to the bewilderment of Bryan. Renee started being more inquisitive about their relationship, asking what they do for fun, to which Carmella replied evasively.

Renee wished the couple the best. They left shortly thereafter.

Renee told Bryan to "get real" and implied that Carmella was using Ellsworth for other intentions. Renee spoke about Natalya and Nikki Bella's upcoming match. Bryan said that their jabs at each other were intense. Renee called Bret Hart's tweet to Nikki Bella suspicious. 

They began to talk about the upcoming episode of SmackDown Live. Bryan began to talk about American Alpha, but The Miz interrupted.

The Miz:

The Miz was outraged over his loss and Renee's involvement in Ambrose's rivalry with him. He cut a promo, accusing WWE and Bryan of conspiring against him. He stormed off the set, after which the show ended.

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