Tama Tonga discusses The Bullet Club, Good Brothers in NJPW, EVIL & more [Exclusive]

We caught up with Tama Tonga
We caught up with Tama Tonga
Gary Cassidy

It's been a long few months out of the ring for NJPW's Tama Tonga - but, as he told us just days before the announcement of NJPW STRONG, he cannot wait to get back in the ring! That being said, Tonga has kept himself very busy by starting up his own podcast, the immensely entertaining Tama's Island - where Tama Tonga explores his own career, alongside Ross Berman.

Sportskeeda meets Tama Tonga

While stranded on Tama's Island, though, the rest of the rest of the world hasn't stopped turning on its own axis around Bullet Club OG Tama Tonga, so we asked one half of the Guerrillas of Destiny all about the current happenings in NJPW, about the Good Brothers making moves, EVIL's dominance, comparisons with Roman Reigns and - of course - just who is the leader of the Bullet Club!

You can check out the entire video interview below, or read on for more.

So, Tama Tonga, the world right now is a little bit of a mess. We can see what's behind you, I know I've been busy starting your own podcast, Tama's Island, but what's your current situation? Let's start with, what continent are you on and how are you doing in this pandemic?

Yes. Tama's Island podcast started because of this pandemic. I am here, residing in the United States... East Coast! ..down in Florida. I've had a lot of time on my hands, Gary, a lot of time. You know, no international travel right now so I'm trying to fill in my free space here, trying to stay busy, trying to keep my mind focused on our product and it's been going very well, man. 

Excellent. That's the one thing. I love it when my life is made easy and I can be really lazy. We really don't need to go through any of your career because Tama's Island starts at the very start and covers everything.

I always like to give people a hook. I know that you don't need a hook to listen to something that has Tama Tonga hosting it anyway but, for me, the very first episode. I was hooked. You had Karl Anderson as the guest but the one story that I love that people need to go and check out is Tama Tonga and the Bullet Club t-shirts. The counterfeit Bullet Club t-shirts that you were selling. That is one of my favourite wrestling stories of all time. Absolutely love it. How have you found the podcasting thing? I think you're nine or ten episodes deep now. Are you enjoying it? Is it a nice escape?

It's nice, man. It's very nice because I have Ross Berman there co-hosting and he's able to come up with questions that a lot of the fans have questions about. Like, fill in the blanks and gaps between timelines. Not only my timeline but the Bullet Club timeline, I'm able to answer a lot of questions that the fans are interested in knowing and some I just never thought... Even some that I'd never thought about, you know, so it's been fun. That's what I'm looking for - it's fun and if it's not fun, I'm not doing it, man. But it's been a lot of fun. It's been a lot of fun.

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