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The Good Brothers discuss IMPACT's new recruits, AJ Styles' reaction & more [Exclusive]

The Good Brothers have taken IMPACT by storm!
The Good Brothers have taken IMPACT by storm!
Gary Cassidy
Modified 02 Aug 2020, 07:05 IST

Last month, ahead of their monumental Slammiversary debut, we revealed how The Good Brothers - Karl Anderson and 'The Big LG' Doc Gallowshad signed with IMPACT Wrestling, but would also be able to work with NJPW as part of their deal.

Well, I was lucky enough to interview The Good Brothers last week to chat all things IMPACT and get the lowdown on just how it all came to fruition!

Sportskeeda meets The Good Brothers

Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, AKA The Good Brothers, would open up to Sportskeeda having debuted at IMPACT Wrestling's Slammiversary and made their in-ring debut just ten days later.

You can watch our the entire interview with The Good Brothers below, or read on for more!

So, I need to address the elephant in the room before we get into the interview. I'm nothing if I'm not transparent so, full disclosure, I wrote an article last month confirming that you guys had signed with IMPACT was a done deal. That evidently didn't ruin any surprises because, when IMPACT broke the news of your signing, the tweet of The Good Brothers' signing became THE best performing tweet in the company's history!

Now, I was going to ask how lucky I am to be far enough away from you guys not to be on the receiving end of a Magic Killer - but a better question would be, whose idea was it to announce your debut ahead of time, and would you guys have actually preferred it to be kept a secret?


Gallows: I thought leaking it was a good idea. Why not? Let's get some buzz. Let's get some eyes on this thing and I think that us and IMPACT did a good job of using our Countdown to F***town thing that we were promoting on social media because we were going to announce our pay-per-view, Talk N' Shop A-Mania, but also we needed a big announcement of where we were going so the clock strikes 12 and the clip can be shown of us in the IMPACT Zone making that announcement, and IMPACT putting that out on their social media and it ended up being the best performing tweet in IMPACT Wrestling history so I think it all worked great. It was a good idea.

Anderson: Yeah, I think, in this environment, I thought it made it more fun to announce it ahead of time. I would say, if this was in front of a live crowd and may be there are ways to have a surprise and you get that reaction from the surprise that maybe you could have held off but I think in this Covid-19 environment and with there not being a crowd, I think us announcing that we were coming to IMPACT actually got a lot more eyes on the pay-per-view, and that's what made it so cool. And with the Magic Killer, you're lucky... You're not that lucky, because it's probably the safest move in wrestling.

Yep, so the one thing that is unquestionable is the tweet worked, it did the trick. I mentioned it there, it's the best performing tweet in IMPACT history. Everyone is talking about the Good Brothers and IMPACT, so I don't think there is any question it worked.

But my favourite thing, Big LG, you led everyone on a wild goose chase, which was great. From the photo in Jacksonville with a Bullet Club beer coozie and the Aces and Eights vest. I think you'll forgive me for saying it was a hoot and no-one can ever accuse you guys of leaving money on the table! How much fun was it to toy with the fans a little bit there?

Oh! Very fun! That's all part of the fun. I'm loving doing that. We were down there filming the BTE bit with the Bucks and what better way...? I happened to have some Bullet Club and Aces and Eights merch in the bag anyway, so it was a good thing to do to keep people talking.

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Published 02 Aug 2020, 07:05 IST
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