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The Taz Show: 7 Things We Learned 12/8/16

Our weekly recap of this very funny and informative show.

Tazz discussed many topics, including the current Smackdown women’s champion

Without being disrespectful to the hardcore legend and ECW Original- Taz, sometimes the task of finding relevant content from the show, through the jokes and incessant chatter, can be a difficult task in more ways than one. For over two hours, he discussed many topics with his co-host and temporary producer Seth.

Some of them we shall not delve into such as football and the fact that everyone in his team seemed to be quitting. However, let’s take this opportunity and examine the nuggets of wisdom we did learn from this two-hour long show, that touched primarily on NXT.

7: Miz and Dillinger shot the perfect social media angle

Taz was full of praise for their Twitter Battle 

Taz believed that The Miz and Tye Dillinger are using social media perfectly to ‘shoot’. The two men had a bit of an altercation on social media when Dillinger said that he thought that Miz could use a slap in the mouth. Miz was quick to respond with solid burns such as - “Does #Perfect10 stand for the 10 years you’ve been in developmental?”.

At the same time, Taz added that this does not necessarily mean that Tye Dillinger is being called up. Alundra Blayze and Paige too had shot an angle on Twitter, that never really came to fruition. Taz feels that the beauty of social media is that one never knows if it’s a work or shoot, and that this is the future of setting up feuds. 

6: People would ask why Linda McMahon married Vince

According to Taz, Linda McMahon is the perfect babyface

The top wrestling story this week was Linda McMahon being chosen at the Small Business Administrator in the Donald Trump Cabinet. Taz said he did not wish to get into political details, but gushed with praise for Linda McMahon. He said not only did Linda know the names of every employee in the back, but also every single wrestler on the roster. In fact, she was so beloved, that people in the back often asked why she got married to Vince McMahon, who could be quite the heel at times! In any case, Taz said the scariest thing in this whole equation is that Trump is in the WWE Hall of Fame. 

5: Ember Moon could be a credible challenger for Asuka

If built right, Ember Moon has a real plethora of potential 

Taz is very impressed with Ember Moon. With her build, her work in the ring and especially her eyes, Taz believes she looks like a really tough chick indeed. He said she could be a beast if built up right, and then go on to challenge Asuka.

Taz also touched upon the main event of NXT between Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura for the championship and said that the match in Osaka needed a Japanese referee and ring announcer to give it an authentic feel. He also felt that there was no real pop for Nakamura’s victory when he won.

4: Some MMA/Boxing fights are worked 

Taz is certain that some finishes are not real

A caller asked Taz if he ever thought pro wrestlers would unionise like MMA has. Taz replied negatively to the same, saying that it won’t happen in wrestling because people don’t want heat with bosses. Unlike in MMA/Boxing, where you can be good and actually win matches; here your boss gets to decide how far you eventually go up the wrestling ladder. 

Taz was quick to add though that he knew that the finishes of many MMA and boxing matches are worked. Maybe not all, but a few definitely. 

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