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The 10 best female wrestlers of all time

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It isn’t the best of times for the women's division in the WWE and it certainly isn’t the worst of times as well. NXT is bringing forth a lot of hope for the future of women’s wrestling and the perception of women wrestlers as a whole in the WWE. Though its rich history has seldom been equal when it comes to the many talented women in WWE, there have been times where they’ve taken the hypermasculine world of wrestling by storm. 

So many women in and outside the WWE have made it possible for women to be considered as competitive as men when it comes to the world of wrestling. 

These ten women did not have to depend on their looks to make a lasting impact in this industry. Here are the top 10 greatest female wrestlers of all time-

Note: This slideshow reflects the opinions of the author and not of the website.

10.Sweet Saraya

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Sweet Saraya is more than just Paige’s mom

For a strictly WWE based audience, Sweet Saraya may be, just maybe, known as Paige’s mother. But to the cult following she’s built over the last many years, she’s a legend. Sweet Saraya’s character is a polar opposite to her first name. She’s scary, she’s fierce and she’s menacing. She never went to the so called ‘big leagues’. She stuck to her roots and built a dedicated following. Paige has said it in many of her interviews about how she’s basically been wrestling as a fetus as her mother wrestled matches without even realizing that she was pregnant. 

Even though she’s competed in many violent matches, the chill in the spine she brings forth is because of her mere presence. That no- nonsense look in her eyes, the red hair, the kohled eyes- just about everything builds her into this person you don’t want to mess with.

She runs her own wrestling promotion- Bellatrix Female Warriors- in Norwich

9.Sara Del Rey


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In 2012, Sara Del Rey signed a contract with the WWE. Instead of signing as a wrestler, she became the first ever female trainer. The improvement in the division, in terms of wrestling skills, since her arrival is greatly visible. The much-lauded women's division in NXT is a fruit of her labor as a trainer. 

Before all of that, Del Rey’s talent in the independent circuit was a gathering storm. Whether it’s being a submission specialist, a powerhouse or a high flyer- Sara Del Rey is all that and more. That combination is the rarest of the rare and that talent is now training to make WWE’s breed of women look like the rarest of the rare.

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