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The 10 best female wrestlers of all time

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5.Aja Kong

joshaja.jpg (640×426)
Aja Kong

Like Nakano, Aja Kong is a force to be reckoned with. Her face paint and her dominating stature established her as a powerhouse. Unlike Nakano, Kong never held the Women’s title but she did garner one remarkable feat. She became the sole survivor of the women’s tag match at Survivor Series defeating all four members of the opposing team. Kong, for a big, burly woman was also capable of taking huge bumps from the top rope and executing moves so seamlessly as only few women her size could. 

WWE, rightfully, acknowledged her in its list of the most powerful women in the world of wrestling. A diva is too weak a word for Kong, or actually anyone on this list.


4.Manami Toyota

toyotamissile.jpg (662×398)
Manami Toyota

When it comes to Japanese women wrestlers, one just can’t miss the legendary status Manami Toyota has garnered for the past 25 years. Toyota, quite simply put, can execute just about anything. She may not look like the powerhouse that Aja Kong is, but she can very well execute suplexes and powerbombs of all degrees on women of a build like Kong’s. She’s a brilliant combination of speed, agility and power. 

Just check out any video of her on Youtube, mostly detailing her best moves, and you’ll know what she’s all about.

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