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The 5 greatest Triple Threat matches in WWE history

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 07:20 IST
The Miz vs Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk

If there is anything in WWE that is sure to shake things up and change the status quo, it’s a triple threat match. A stipulation that immediately changes the rules of engagement, triple threat matches are known for their wild chaotic nature, their unpredictability and their tendency to make champions sweat.

In a triple threat match, disqualifications and count outs become a thing of the past, removing the “Champion’s Advantage” and also leaving the defending champ with a 33% chance of successfully retaining the title. There have been many noteworthy triple threat matches throughout WWE history, but these 5 stand head and shoulders above the rest.

#1 The Undertaker (C) vs The Rock vs Kurt Angle – Vengeance 2002

The three gladiators stare each other down before the match begins

In 2002, at Vengeance, a perfect storm of sorts pulled together three of the most prolific WWE Superstars of all time for a doozy of a triple threat match. Undisputed WWE Champion The Undertaker would defend against Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle and “The People’s Champion”, The Rock. 

The match was a wild up and down roller coaster ride of action that never disappointed. Egos were tested during the match as each competitor would steal one of his opponent’s finishing maneuvers, with Angle nailing Rock with a Rock Bottom, Undertaker nailing Angle with an Angle Slam and The Rock using the Chokeslam and the Ankle Lock on Undertaker and Angle respectively. 

After a long thrill ride, The Rock would go on to win the Undisputed Title after planting Angle with a Rock Bottom. 

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Published 23 Jun 2016, 16:17 IST
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