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The 5 most likely twists to the Elimination Chamber 2017 WWE Championship match

Who will walk out of the Chamber with the WWE title on Sunday? Let us look at the most likely possibilities and twists.

A lot of these men could walk out of Sunday at WWE Champion

Didn’t we just have a pay-per-view?

It sure seems like a very fast turnaround between pay-per-views this time around. That being said, SmackDown has done a very nice job of building a solid card for this Sunday’s show. This card is naturally headlined by the Elimination Chamber match itself.

There are a lot of solid storylines going into the show. Will AJ get his revenge? Will The Miz or Corbin establish themselves as the top heels of the blue brand? Will Bray finally get his moment in the sun? Will John Cena be on his way to WrestleMania as champion?  

With these questions in mind, I present my list of the top five most likely twists to the 2017 Elimination Chamber Match:

#5 Baron Corbin has a Dean problem

Big things seem to be in store for “The Lone Wolf” in 2017

It is quite clear that WWE is very high on Baron Corbin. He won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal in his Main Roster debut,  has won most of his pay-per-view matches and has had multiple main events on Smackdown Live!

He has even proven himself to be a quality talker as a very frequent guest on “Talking Smack”.

It seems quite obvious with the thin Smackdown roster that he will be involved in the main event scene very soon. Will that be this Sunday? It would be out of character for the WWE to give him the title in his very first Elimination Chamber, but a strong showing doesn’t seem out of question.

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The person that should be involved in his finish is Dean. It would be a simple set-up to a WrestleMania match to have Dean being eliminated by the Lone Wolf but he can then turn around and cost Baron his chance at the title.

I mean Dean is unpredictable, why not cheat? We cannot see a current match for the IC Title, why not set-up this fresh match. Both would have a legit complaint going into WrestleMania, thus setting up their match.

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