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The best eliminations from Survivor Series 2016

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6.36K   //    22 Nov 2016, 20:59 IST
Survivor Series was a great show with some great moments

Another Survivor Series is in the books, and that means we get to talk about everything that WWE did right, wrong, great, and terrible. The elimination order in this match was ridiculous! How did this guy get eliminated first? Why did they let him make it all the way to the end of the match?

How could they possibly think it was a good idea for so-and-so to eliminate such-and-such?

One thing that can be more interesting than the order of elimination or booking choices is the way that the men and women get eliminated from their matches. Sometimes it’s nonsensical. Sometimes it’s run-of-the-mill, and sometimes, it’s outstanding.

There were a bunch of really good, fun and creative eliminations this year, which went along well with the good, fun and entertaining matches they put on for the audience live and at home. Here are the five most outstanding eliminations from this year’s Survivor Series event.

#5 The Usos eliminate The New Day



Xavier Woods was in shock

In a matter of seconds, the 10-on-10 elimination tag team match between the tag teams of SmackDown Live and Monday Night RAW became 8-on-10. Then, mere moments later, it was 8-on-8.


Fandango, one-half of the City of Breezango Fashion Police, handed out citations to both teams and some members of the audience. Before he knew it, he was on Big E’s shoulder and getting driven into the mat by a flying DDT from Kofi Kingston.

The 2-time WWE World Tag Team Champions celebrated too early, though, as Jimmy Uso snuck into the ring and readied a superkick for Kofi. One-third of the RAW tag champs turned around, and before he even knew that he wasn’t alone in the ring, the bottom of Uso’s boot was on his face, and he was down for the 3-count.

Xavier Woods went from celebrating with Francesca 2: Turbo, to falling to his knees screaming to the seven deities, bemoaning the situation that had just unfolded.

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