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The biggest winners and losers of last night's RAW (January 13)

Published Jan 14, 2020
Jan 14, 2020 IST


RAW has quietly experienced something of a renaissance since the draft in October and the Red brand is heating up at the right time with the Royal Rumble less than two weeks away. Monday night was a solid showing of action from the RAW roster and crew, with a lot of standouts and some of the usual WWE nonsense, but we'll get into all of that. Who got the most and least out of the show last night?

Winner: Drew McIntyre

If you beat AJ Styles and Randy Orton in a triple threat match, pinning the latter cleanly after your finisher, you must be doing something right. McIntyre has been showing a different side of himself in the past few weeks, and while he won't be a favorite to win the Royal Rumble or eliminate Brock Lesnar there at the outset, the possibility isn't zero, either.

Lesnar lacks any challenger on the horizon at the moment. The field is wide open here, wider than it has been for many years in the Royal Rumble match. Might this be the time McIntyre, beneath the radar, surprises everybody?

All we can say for sure is that the possibility is higher after last night than it was before.

Loser: Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair hasn't been this directionless since 2017. For the third week in a row, she engaged in a random match with a lower tiered competitor. She won, but to what end?

Always a favorite to win the women's Royal Rumble, this year, she enters the contest at a low ebb in her fortunes. You can never count her out, but it's starting to look like she indeed might not be in the running to win the match this time around.

Where does that leave her on the road to WrestleMania?

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