The Good Brothers discuss IMPACT's new recruits, AJ Styles' reaction & more [Exclusive]

The Good Brothers have taken IMPACT by storm!
The Good Brothers have taken IMPACT by storm!

Sportskeeda meets The Good Brothers

The Good Brothers square up to Ace Austin and Madman Fulton
The Good Brothers square up to Ace Austin and Madman Fulton

We've mentioned a load of names that IMPACT have picked up, so I need to chuck in a little cheeky one. Is there anyone out there that you would like to join the company who has not yet signed?

Gallows: Oh, yeah. I want "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner to be one of our managers. I want Kevin Nash in the picture. Hulk Hogan recently called us the greatest tag team to ever do it, so I want him to be one of our managers. I'd like to recruit Finn Balor and AJ Styles to IMPACT. The list goes on and on.

Anderson: Yeah, I want all the New Japan boys to come over. I want IMPACT to work with New Japan Pro Wrestling. I want us to take IMPACT Wrestling as high and as big as we can possibly get it, man. And we have a lot of friends in this business, man. We are very charming and persuasive brothers and we are going to work our a**es off to get people to come to IMPACT Wrestling, no matter what. Constantly recruiting.

You kind of already answered my next question which I love when that happens because I'm going to ask it anyway just to clarify. One of the things that I had been told and you've kind of teased that there I guess is that the rumour was that while you guys are contracted to IMPACT, you're also going to be able to work in New Japan when travel restrictions are lifted. Is that true and would you like to see a future relationship between the two?

Anderson: That is 100% true and we would 100% like to see a mutual relationship between the two. There's nothing but benefit for everybody. We can't wait until the world is open so we can return to Japan.

Gallows: IMPACT has grown and they have a different management right now, smart management, and a management that is interested ingrowing the product, and with New Japan Pro Wrestling and IMPACT together, however they work - maybe we sort out just us working with them or however we do it - it would be awesome to see Tanahashi come down to that ring and have a main event match against Eddie Edwards. Someway, somehow, something like that will happen.

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