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The People vs Dean Ambrose

Has WWE's resident joker become just that?

The Judge sides in favor of...

But We Hate Him Now!

Well, that didn’t take long, did it? The audience turned on Ambrose faster than a Cannibal Corpse song. It really wasn’t long ago that Dean was poised to hit the top of the game and hold the position as the go-to guy for solid matches who could explain his reasons even if they were a little left of center. A mic warrior, clad in blue jeans with a wild stare. 

There were whispers that he was the next Stone Cold Steve Austin, with slightly more hair. He was easily the most popular and well-rounded member of what could be the greatest modern faction, period, The Shield. 

How cool was The Shield? In my book, really cool. And Dean Ambrose was the coolest out of the lot of them. The fans loved him. Both the men and the ladies, the diehards and the casual fans, the marks and the smarks. Aficionados knew he had a dangerous history in the indies. 

The ladies loved Cool Dean. Everybody was at least intrigued with this unique psychopath because he didn’t quite fit the mold of typical WWE Superstar. Hell, he didn’t really fit any mold which is a recipe for getting over. But even with the right ingredients dinner has to be prepared right, and that may be where the dinner party went sour. Also talking about “dinner” and “mold” is making me lose my appetite so let’s move on and figure out why The Lunatic Fringe has suddenly become The Monotone Middle.

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