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The Staty Awards: Survivor Series 2012

4.04K   //    22 Nov 2012, 08:16 IST

Survivor Series may not have looked that good going in, but the annual show managed to be one of the highlights of the year. Great matches, exciting spots, and a very awesome ending. It’s time to list what was the best stuff of the night.

Best Match Award

The Best Match Award goes to the best match that took place at Survivor Series 2012.

Winner: Sheamus vs. Big Show

Once again, the Celtic Warrior and the Giant proved almost everyone wrong. The two put on another awesome match, and although the ending was a little off, the match still delivered. It also showed us once again that John Cena isn’t the only powerhouse, and Sheamus can perform some pretty sick feats of strength.

Best Feud Award

The Best Feud Award goes to the individuals who participated in the best rivalry that culminated or progressed at Survivor Series 2012.

Winner: CM Punk vs. Ryback vs. John Cena

Once again, the events surrounding the coveted WWE Championship were the most interesting. Although they dropped the Team Punk vs. Team Foley feud with no explanation, and Ryback and John Cena weren’t really the freshest challengers, the feud still managed to be entertaining (mostly due to a certain WWE Champion).

Best Diva Award

The Best Diva Award goes to the Diva who excelled the most at Hell In A Cell 2012 and the events leading up to it.

Winner: Eve

Eve has won every match she’s been in (which has been a surprising amount), and she won an actually decent Triple Threat match at Hell In A Cell. She also did a Senton Bomb. That’s like doing a Shooting Star Press for the WWE’s Divas Division.

Biggest Loser Award

The Biggest Loser award goes to the individual who has failed the most at Survivor Series 2012 and the events leading up to it.

Winner (or loser): William Regal

Poor William Regal. They brought the man out only to lose to the Big Show, which would of been fine had he gotten any offence in. Then, they decided to have Big Show attack him backstage and squash him in another match. And all while it seemed that we would play a role in the World Heavyweight Championship feud, he just disappeared off of TV.

Best Superstar

The Best Superstar award goes to the individual who has excelled the most at Survivor Series 2012 and the events leading up to it.

Winner: Ryback

Ryback did pretty damn good in the Triple Threat match, and he went through two tables. That’s pretty good, isn’t it?

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