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Sportskeeda's WrestleMania 35 Superstar stock market - who to buy? Who to sell?

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 22:08 IST

Who's price has gone up?

WWE is a strange place. At one moment, someone can be on top of the world, and in another, that same person can crash. In fact, WWE's landscape resembles something completely different - the stock market, where prices fluctuate constantly, and where a once mighty company can drop like a rock in price - or vice versa.

The span between WrestleMania is as good a time as any to examine the value of each superstar's stock. Who's been up and who's been down from WrestleMania 34 as we head into the home stretch of WrestleMania 35? Who might be on the way up or down in fortune? Who should you buy, hold, or sell?

Let's take a look at who competed on last year's card to find out. 

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

First, we'll briefly list everyone who competed in the Andre the Giant battle royal.

Matt Hardy - Way down from WrestleMania 34. His victory here was the height of his current run. Afterward, his random tag team with Bray Wyatt failed to gain traction and he has only recently returned from a retirement scare, where he's unlikely to do anything of note. The Woken gimmick was a bust. Sell.

Baron Corbin - Up from WrestleMania 34, having found his footing as the insufferable stooge that took the heat for running Raw into the ground. He's probably never going to win a major title, but a mid-card run is possible, and WWE values him like a heat magnet. Buy.

Aiden English - In the toilet from WrestleMania 34. Against fan wishes, the Rusev Day act ended and he hasn't been seen on SmackDown since, having been cast as a commentator on 205 Live instead. Sell.

Konnor - The same from WrestleMania 34. He is a perpetual penny stock in WWE's market. Sell.


Curt Hawkins - Surprisingly up from WrestleMania 34. His losing streak continues, but more and more fans are at the edge of their seats to see it end. The price is low and you might get a lot of value should the unthinkable ever happen and it ends. It's worth the risk. Buy.

R-Truth - Up from WrestleMania 34. His Mixed Match Challenge win and United States title run, though short-lived, was a mini-boom for him, and his partnership with Carmella is entertaining. Just don't expect much more. Hold.

Primo Colon - The same from WrestleMania 34, which is to say, he doesn't exist. Sell.

Mike Kanellis - Somehow down from WrestleMania 34. Now struggling to find his footing on 205 Live, the rumor mills say he wants his release. Expect him to sink further. Sell.

Tyler Breeze - Down from WrestleMania 34. The Fashion Files have ended. However, with Fandango's eventual return there is a chance they might come back and revive his fortunes somewhat, so his price may go up as a tepid buy.

Viktor - See Konnor. Sell.

Zack Ryder - Up from WrestleMania 34, where he was even lower than he is now. His recent reunion with Kurt Hawkins might lead to a shocker and the end of the latter's losing streak. The price is low, so it's worth the risk. Buy.

Karl Anderson - Despite fits and starts, about the same from WrestleMania 34, which is not saying much. Rumors swirl that he wants and will soon be on the way out of WWE. Sell.

Luke Gallows - See Karl Anderson. Sell.

Apollo Crews - The same from WrestleMania 34, despite him having a moment or two of breakout hopes in the interceding months. Those hopes are just unlikely to materialize. Sell.

Shelton Benjamin - Worse off from WrestleMania 34. His tag team partner, Chad Gable, left for Raw last April, and he's done nothing of note since. There's not much more he can realistically go down, though, and some fluke win may present a chance for profit-taking. Hold.

Rhyno - Somehow, worse off from WrestleMania 34, and he wasn't at a high there. Sell.

Dash Wilder - Up from WrestleMania 34, as he's one of the reigning Raw Tag Team Champions now, despite a long, difficult journey to get there. Nevertheless, there's every reason to believe his recent push is just to prevent him from leaving, and there's a good chance he loses his title on April 7th. Sell.

Scott Dawson - See Dash Wilder. Sell.

Bo Dallas - Down from WrestleMania 34. He had the B-Team run in the summer, but it failed and he's fallen even lower than where he was last year. At least he got TV time with the Miztourage. Nevertheless, with SmackDown's coming move to Fox, the Miz will likely go back to Raw, as they will want to promote Miz and Mrs. on USA. There's a decent chance the Miztourage will reform and revive his fortunes somewhat Tepid buy.

Curtis Axel - See Bo Dallas. Tepid buy.

Sin Cara - About the same from WrestleMania 34, which isn't saying much. There's not much further he can realistically go down, but a fluke win in some angle may give you a chance to take profits later. Hold.

Fandango - Down from WrestleMania 34, as he's had a long injury hiatus. As for his prospects, see Tyler Breeze. Tepid buy.

Heath Slater - The same from WrestleMania 34, which is to say, nothing. Sell.

Chad Gable - Up from WrestleMania 34, as he's had his moments and a title run on Raw, but that isn't saying a lot. Nevertheless, there's not much further he can go down, and he might continue to have his moments where you can take profits. Buy.

Titus O'Neil - Up ever so slightly from WrestleMania 34, if only because of his infamous trip last April. Nonetheless, don't expect him to go further than that. Sell.

Goldust - Down from WrestleMania 34 due to injuries. He might have a nostalgic return from which to take profits, and the price is low. Just don't hold for too long. Buy.

Tye Dillinger - Off the market as he's been released.

Dolph Ziggler - Up from WrestleMania 34, as his partnership with Drew McIntyre saw him return to prominence. Nevertheless, he hasn't been seen since the Royal Rumble, and his future is in doubt. He'll be listed as a down soon if this continues. Sell.

Kane - The same from WrestleMania 34, as he had notable angles in the latter half of last year, just as he did to begin 2018. He's now a mayor though, so don't expect him back soon. After the debacle at Crown Jewel, that's for the best. Sell.

Mojo Rawley - Somehow, down from WrestleMania 34. He's disappeared for long stretches, and those segments of him talking to himself in front of a mirror were just weird and did nothing to revive his fortunes. Sell.

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Published 17 Mar 2019, 23:16 IST
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