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The Wyatt Family should be the Shield's last conquest

Here's why The Wyatt Family should be the Shield's last conquest.

The Wyatt Family vs The Shield

The Wyatt Family vs The Shield

As we wind down the road to Wrestlemania, one feud is looking more exciting than ever – The Wyatt Family and The Shield are finally at war.

The WWE did enough to tease the showdown between these two last year and since then the noise for a match between them has only gotten louder. For such an anticipated match to come to fruition, it should take place at the grandest stage of them all. But foe this feud to begin and end, the storyline should be rock solid. The Wyatts are the only possible threat to the Shield till now. And, most probably, there isn’t another magnificent 3 man tag team on offer by the WWE right now.

The Wyatt’s prevented Cena from winning the titles from Orton- a reason for which is still unclear and shall remain so as long as Cena stays injured. The following night on RAW, he was again attacked but indirectly the Wyatts’ cost the Shield their spots in the Elimination Chamber. For the record, this is how it all began.

Now, the Shield and Wyatts’ have declared war with two spectacular video promos on RAW. A great match is even greater when it is preceded by a great story. The Wyatts, in the week to come, can explain why they attacked John Cena and then continue playing their mind games with the Shield. The Shield can interfere in thebuzzards’ matches and continue their own bag of mind games. The Authority can be another bone of contention. Ever since the Authority graced the ring with their presence and moniker, the Hounds of Justice has served as their set of bodyguards. Are Wyatts set to replace this because of the apparent tension between the members of the Shield?

A great feud or a potential great feud in the WWE goes beyond a Pay Per View match. At Elimination Chamber, the ego tussle within the Shield can lead them to showcase little of the classic teamwork on the Wyatt Family which clearly has a leader to follow and serve. And come Wrestlemania, they try to redeem themselves but in a moment built on the grandest stage of them all, the Shield finally split!

It’s worth a mention that WWE is doing a great job of not breaking up the Shield immediately, and they’ve thrown out these various moments where the members have been at odds. These little moments might finally reach their saturation point sometime this year and what better way to make a lasting impression than Wrestlemania?

This feud can be relevant because it might trigger the beginning of the end for one of the best tag teams in the WWE. The Shield should come out of it winning but eventually divided. The Wyatt Family might as well come out as the team who took the pinfall and lost the match, but it could become the team that finally shook the Shield and ultimately ended it. They can come out as a team who led the Shiedl to its demise.

But all said and done, this feud offers a lot of possibilities. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that the WWE gives us a pleasant surprise.

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