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This day in Pro Wrestling history - 22nd March: A Stone Cold beer bath

One of the most iconic moments of professional wrestling happened today.

Top 5 / Top 10 21 Mar 2017, 01:12 IST
The days when wrestlers were put over authority figures

WWE has had various iconic moments throughout the years – Roddy Piper breaking a coconut over the head of Jimmy Snuka, Michaels’ Superkick on Jannetty, Undertaker vs Mankind in Hell in a Cell, CM Punk’s pipebomb etc being just a few in a very long list.

But nothing else encapsulates the spirit of the Attitude Era more than the image of Stone Cold Steve Austin riding a Coors beer truck into the arena and splashing the owner of the company, the heir apparent and the World Champion, with beer.

It perfectly portrayed the anti-hero that was Stone Cold and his total disrespect to the powers that be, We look back at the infamous beer bath that occurred 18 years ago today.

Also on today's list, WWE holds its first ever Draft lottery and Wade Barrett wins a title.

#1 Stone Cold gives the Corporation a beer bath: 22nd Mar 1999

One of the greatest ever segments in the history of RAW took place on March 22 at Albany. The year was 1999 and WWE’s popularity was sky high with the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in the main event picture.

The heel trio of Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and the WWE Champion The Rock – all part of the Corporation – were cutting a promo in the ring when Stone Cold’s shattered glass theme reverberated across the Arena. Austin made his way to ring on a Coors beer truck and proceeded to verbally berate the Rock.

He would then drag out a hose from the truck and sprayed the heels with beer – the moment would become legendary and remains one of the most iconic images of the Attitude Era.

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