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Impact Wrestling (TNA) News: The Broken Hardys get a lawyer

Reby Hardy's latest tweet indicates that Matt and Jeff now have proper legal representation.

News 19 Mar 2017, 17:06 IST
Will the lawsuit fade away and classify itself as ‘obsolete’?

What's the story?

After a barrage of words on Twitter from Broken Matt Hardy’s wife Reby Hardy aka Queen Rebecca pertaining to the rights of the ‘Broken Hardy’ gimmick, her latest tweet indicated that they had contacted a lawyer, who would be speaking on their behalf.

She also mentioned that the lawyer chosen wouldn’t be speaking about this matter on social media platforms.

In case you didn’t know...

Broken Matt Hardy had revived interest in a dying TNA by adopting the ‘Broken Hardy’ gimmick and reinventing his character entirely. His brother Jeff Hardy followed suit as ‘Brother Nero’, and this led to many entertaining segments such as The Final Deletion, Delete or Decay and The Great War.

When it seemed certain that the Hardys would not be continuing with Impact Wrestling, TNA’s new owner Anthem threatened a lawsuit if they continued to use the Broken characters outside of TNA.

Reby Hardy has been very vocal on Twitter about how wronged she feels with these recent developments; when the Hardys conceptualised and financed many segments from their very own pockets.

The heart of the matter

Impact Wrestling recently stipulated that it would allow the Hardys to use the gimmick outside TNA, provided they were paid a share of the eventual profits. Obviously, this did not sit very well with the Hardys, who have decided to take matters into their own hands now.

One presumes that a lawyer is being brought in so late into the game as the Hardys wanted to sort out this issue amicably (Reby’s previous tweets indicate the same).

Now that the lawyer has entered the picture, Reby Hardy has indicated that she will tone down her Twitter rants and thanked the fans who’ve stuck by her for their continuous support for the Hardys.

What’s next?

We do not have the necessary legal information to predict which way the tide will swing with regard to the ‘Broken Hardys’, but one can only hope that this whole scenario does not devolve into a long and messy court drama. As of now, the Broken Hardys are the Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions and were stripped of the TNA world tag team titles.

Author’s take

It would be very bad press for Impact Wrestling if the Hardys were not allowed to use their avatars outside of TNA. I think that this matter will be settled quickly and painlessly from both parties concerned.

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