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Top 10 quickest Royal Rumble eliminations of all time

Ashish Negi
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Royal Rumble, in other words, is the survival of the fittest, a match in which one has to do whatever it takes to hold on to the ring. In order to become the winner one has to be the last man standing in the ring, which could take 10 minutes or 20, 30, 40, sometimes even an hour. But, in Royal Rumble’s 25 years of history many men have failed to understand this thing. Here are all those superstars who haven’t lasted in the ring for even 10 seconds.

#10  Montel Vontavious Porter – 7 seconds


This happened in 2010. After losing a U.S. Championship match to The Miz earlier that night, MVP entered the Rumble furious about his loss and he went for The Miz. He took Miz over the top rope, eliminating him but unfortunately himself as well in the process.

#9 The Miz – 7 seconds

It was 2007, The Great Khali entered the match at #28 and he quickly eliminated 7 superstars including the #29 entry The Miz who thought that it would be great to attack the dangerous Khali, who in turn sent Miz flying out of the ring. These were those times when The Miz wasn’t “awesome.”

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