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Top 10 Survivor Series Team Nicknames

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Survivor Series is a late November tradition

This year, WWE is holding three big traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team matches.

The entire focus on the show, outside of the completely separate build for Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar, is those three matches. WWE has been focusing on matches other than the traditional style ones for years now, and this year brings some welcome change.

One lost art, however, is the naming of Survivor Series teams. The event was originally presented as a fun set of exhibition matches on or around Thanksgiving night. The teams first received names at the 3rd annual event in 1989.

It only continued through the 1995 edition, sadly. Now we get “Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown Live” or teams named after their captains. Team Edge, Team Cena, Team Orton, so on and so forth. Sometimes teams don’t even get names! Where’s the fun in that?

In the spirit of the rich history of the Survivor Series event, here are the 10 best team names in the show’s history:

#10 The Royals (King Mabel, Jerry Lawler, Isaac Yankem & Hunter Hearst Helmsley) - 1995

Could Jerry Lawler possibly look any more smarmy?

Two Kings and a king’s… apprentice? I don’t know, he was a personal dentist. WWE was a weird place in 1995. The fourth member of the team, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, was the Connecticut Blue Blood we all know as Triple H, and obviously fit in extremely well with a team filled with upper crust figures of nobility. And a dentist.

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