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Top 10 Tag Team Betrayals in the WWE

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The iconic betrayal

WWE’s tag team division is having a solid run these days. With a list of some strong teams at their disposal, and some entertaining angles, tag team wrestling in the WWE is flourishing. While it is good to see all the tag teams hanging out together, there still is a huge scope for betrayal angles that could make the whole thing a lot more interesting.

One tag team partner betraying the other and kick-starting a feud has always worked for WWE in the past and they could deliver something similar in the near future as well. Before that, we are going to take some time out and look at some of the success stories that WWE has had in the past with such betrayals.

#1 Eddie Guerrero betrays Rey Mysterio


The rivalry between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio produced some of the best work from both these men. Eddie and Rey had a run with the WWE tag team championship after they won it from the Basham Brothers. While they were reigning champions, Rey and Eddie decided to have a friendly match at WrestleMania to know who the better man was.

When they fought, it was a friendly outing, but once the match got over, things started falling apart between these two. Eventually, Eddie betrayed Rey during a title match against MNM and kick-started a long feud between these two.

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