Top 3 Daniel Bryan SummerSlam matches

Daniel Bryan submits Darren Young at SummerSlam 2010
Paul Benson

Daniel Bryan is one of the biggest names in wrestling, Forced to retire in 2015 due to a series of concussions, Bryan made his triumphant return to the ring at WrestleMania earlier this year. With Bryan due to wrestle The Miz in his first SummerSlam match in five years, we look back at his finest previous bouts at the summer spectacle.

#3 versus The Nexus (SummerSlam 2010, August 15, 2010)

Daniel Bryan made his first appearance as part of the main WWE roster as a member of the Nexus, a team made up of NXT season 1 superstars, when he and the rest of the group ambushed the match between John Cena and CM Punk and broke the ring and trashed the ringside area in an unforgettable segment.

Unfortunately for Bryan, following the angle, he was legitimately fired for choking ring announcer, Justin Roberts with a tie which violated WWE's PG rating.

Which is what made Bryan's return just over a month later at SummerSlam 2010 all the more shocking, as he was the final man announced for Team WWE against the upstart team, the Nexus.

Bryan was the MVP of the match, submitting Darren Young after only 42 seconds and eliminating Heath Slater as well later in the match, also by submission.

Bryan was the final member of Team WWE to be defeated when longtime rival The Miz hit him with the Money in the Bank briefcase, allowing Wade Barrett to pin him.

John Cena would win the match for Team WWE minutes later.

#2 versus Kane (SummerSlam 2012, August 19, 2012)

Kane h
Kane goozles Bryan at SummerSlam 2012

The entertaining rivalry between Daniel Bryan and Kane peaked at SummerSlam 2012 when the pair clashed in a memorable singles encounter.

Bryan had been booked in this match by AJ Lee as revenge, when she discovered that he planned to marry her then have her committed to a mental institution.

Bryan upset Kane by reversing a Tombstone attempt into a small package for the pinfall win.Β 

The outcome of this bout led to the famous anger management therapy sessions with Bryan, Kane and Dr Shelby and the formation of the odd couple Tag Team Championship team of Bryan and Kane, Team Hell No.

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Edited by Arvind Sriram
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