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5 of the best invasions in WWE history

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This isn't WWE's first invasion

The Raw after TLC ended in hype-mode for Survivor Series. Practically the entire SmackDown Live roster invaded Raw during the closing moments of the show and laid waste to the Red Team's locker room.

Although there are sure to be more invasions of this nature during a feud like this, it's an interesting concept because this kind of thing has worked so well in the past. An invasion feels like the show is being taken over and something is happening that's not meant to occur.

It's one of those rare moments in pro wrestling where everything doesn't feel as scripted even though in reality it totally is. So here are five other moments that gave off the same feeling

#1 ECW Invasion (1997)

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Enter caption 1997 wasn't too many decades ago

In 1997, ECW was a young promotion and WWE (WWF at the time) wanted to help them out. They had actually been sending some Superstars down to ECW for some polish and ECW had lent some stars to the WWF as well.

On February 24th, 1997, a group of ECW performers showed up in WWE including Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, and others. They had been invited to compete in some matches but resulted was a chaotic scene indeed.

Jerry Lawler had been referring to ECW as "extremely crappy wrestling" for long enough and ECW showed up for a couple of weeks to cause some trouble. It was a great program that was meant to hype ECW's first pay-per-view event.

This much-unappreciated storyline stretched across three promotions in reality (ECW, WWF, and USWA) and there was actually a SummerSlam match planned between three ECW stars it never became a reality. This angle had more legs to it if Vince McMahon would have seen the potential of highlighting this band of hungry Philly upstarts.

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