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Top 5 old school heels in WWE

Not everything needs to change in the new era

Top 5 / Top 10 20 Jul 2016, 14:52 IST
Kevin Owens’ bullying style fits right in as one of the best heels on WWE’s roster

Growing up in Florida, Dusty Rhodes fought back every heel there was. Pak Song, Terry and Dory Funk and the evil Kevin Sullivan. Those villains had a backstory. They had depth. They made us all hate them with a passion.

Finding that kind of heat these days is rare. There are wrestlers who understand how to rile the crowds, draw heat and make everyone hate them. That’s professional wrestling at its best. Finding someone who can emulate the likes of Funk or Harley Race or even Ric Flair is darn near next to impossible.

But there are a few who can still draw heat and force the fans in the seats to despise them.

These wrestlers are as close to old school heels WWE has on its current roster.

For the record, Charlotte certainly deserves honorable mention on this list. There hasn’t been as solid a female heel in this company in a long time.

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is brilliant as a veteran heel who draws heat at the right time

Don’t ever – EVER – doubt Jericho as a performer. As one of the remaining wrestlers from the Attitude Era, Jericho is so great and still gets real heat from the fans.

Jericho has evolved into one of the greatest to ever get in the ring, someone who has great mic skills, and can put over any upstart who he faces. It used to be if WWE needs someone to put a neophyte over, they would call on Jericho.

Ask Fandango. Ask CM Punk, Ask AJ Styles.

Simply one of the greatest of this generation to get in a ring.

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