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5 times Daniel Bryan has been involved in a Special Guest Referee match

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#3 Raw 1 July 2013 - Randy Orton vs. Kane w/Daniel Bryan as Special Guest Referee

Team Hell No, I don't want to tap out!
Team Hell No, I don't want to give up!

A year on from his feud with CM Punk and unbeknown to him, Daniel Bryan was going to become one of the most beloved superstars in the industry. Before this however, after being forced to coexist with 'The Big Red Machine', Bryan found himself reluctantly working together with 'The Demon', as they quickly became the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Their reign would last for an impressive 245 days, being beaten by The Shield (Rollins and Reigns) at Extreme Rules on 19 May.

Bryan carried on unsuccessfully battling the Shield for the WWE Tag Team Championships, alongside his partners Kane and Orton, but did, however, manage to end The Shield's unbeaten (pinned and submitted) streak. The trio began a feud with each other, as Bryan and Orton battled a couple of times one-on-one.

On the July 1st epsiode of Monday Night Raw, Bryan found himself as the Special Guest Referee in a singles match between his two former allies, Kane and Randy Orton. With ulterior motives, he ended the contest by fast-counting Orton down for a three count after just moments before, stopping 'The Viper' from hitting the RKO on Kane.

The second time Bryan has fast counted as the Special Guest Referee.

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