Top 5 worst moments from the Bryan-Orton feud

Reshma Ramachandran

At Summerslam, Daniel Bryan and John Cena fought in one of the best matches in the Pay Per View’s history. Randy Orton, expectedly, cashed in. Triple H delivered a pedigree to Bryan and in the process Triple H and Orton both turned heels and the PG Era Corporation Angle began.

Daniel Bryan’s title chase gained even more momentum than it already had. But Pay Per View after Pay Per View WWE seemed to be giving one or multiple indications that Daniel Bryan won’t be enjoying much of the championship glory.

Instead, they trusted Orton to carry on this storyline as the champion and since then Daniel Bryan seems to be out of the title picture, for now.

This storyline could have been one of the best ever. But it finally was not. It had some great moments. But the bad overpowered the good. Here are some of the worst moments from this storyline.

The contract signing feat. Shawn Michaels and Triple H

At this point it was quite clear that Orton will come out as the champion. What was not clear was whether Michaels will make a mistake or turn heel. He gave quite a heel promo next night on Raw and this week he wasn’t present. His presence might have continued the storyline but his absence clearly indicates that there will be no continuity with the mentor-student angle, atleast for now.

This Contract signing made Bryan and Orton look like little kids fighting in a playground with the adults- Triple H and Michaels getting more of the spotlight. And Triple H stayed true to his reputation of burying superstars as he looked and talked down upon Bryan.

Big Show makes Battleground main event a No-Show


The Battleground PPV had just one shining match- The Shield taking on the Rhodes family. Before and after that it was just, at best, mediocre. The main event disappointed big time. BIG TIME. The Big Show finally declared himself intelligent enough to rebel against the harassment he’s faced. But instead of it being a feel- good moment, it fizzled way before it even began. The PPV came to an incomplete, confusing end.

The PPV actually concluded 8 minutes before hitting the 3 hour mark. How often does that happen?

Daniel Bryan wins with a fast count which is only acknowledged a day later.


This was as sudden as his clean pinfall victory over Cena but Scott Armstrong’s fast count was too apparent to ignore and even though the PPV ended with Bryan standing tall, it was just a matter of time before Bryan had to give up his title. This was another short reign which was longer than his previous title reign by a day.

WWE at that point seemed to be playing a pun on Bryan. It’s no secret he’s considered small in stature. His first Wrestlemania moment was an 18 second match and his 2 title reigns were about 10 minutes and 24 hours long.

Big Show seems to be the modern day Stone Cold


Big Show, since emancipating from the Authority’s clutches, has had some entertaining moments. But these days, he’s become a PG era Stone Cold. The heaviest indication was his arrival in a monster truck a few weeks ago. If I am not mistaken, Daniel Bryan was the rebel in the beginning of the storyline. Now the Authority’s attention has been shifted to Show and now Show has been using, for the thirs week straight, the Yes Chants. This week Daniel Bryan was not even with him.

No Vince McMahon


Vince McMahon’s return is now long overdue. Big Show has been crashing the WWE premises multiple times since getting fired. Now, how is he able to do that? Maybe Vince McMahon is behind all this or maybe McMahon will make one spectacular return and settle the matter with Show and then go on to feud with his authoritative family.

But his absence during Bryan’s bullying weeks, just does not help settle the storm of pulling Bryan out of the title picture.

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