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Top 5 worst moments from the Bryan-Orton feud

Modified 06 Nov 2013
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At Summerslam, Daniel Bryan and John Cena fought in one of the best matches in the Pay Per View’s history. Randy Orton, expectedly, cashed in. Triple H delivered a pedigree to Bryan and in the process Triple H and Orton both turned heels and the PG Era Corporation Angle began.

Daniel Bryan’s title chase gained even more momentum than it already had. But Pay Per View after Pay Per View WWE seemed to be giving one or multiple indications that Daniel Bryan won’t be enjoying much of the championship glory.

Instead, they trusted Orton to carry on this storyline as the champion and since then Daniel Bryan seems to be out of the title picture, for now.

This storyline could have been one of the best ever. But it finally was not. It had some great moments. But the bad overpowered the good. Here are some of the worst moments from this storyline.

The contract signing feat. Shawn Michaels and Triple H


At this point it was quite clear that Orton will come out as the champion. What was not clear was whether Michaels will make a mistake or turn heel. He gave quite a heel promo next night on Raw and this week he wasn’t present. His presence might have continued the storyline but his absence clearly indicates that there will be no continuity with the mentor-student angle, atleast for now.

This Contract signing made Bryan and Orton look like little kids fighting in a playground with the adults- Triple H and Michaels getting more of the spotlight. And Triple H stayed true to his reputation of burying superstars as he looked and talked down upon Bryan.

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Published 06 Nov 2013, 15:12 IST
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