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Top 5 WWE Rumors of the Week - 26 February 2018

Cena 'Mania plans, Jeff Hardy return and the real reason Iconic Duo are missing in this week's rumor mill.

Top 5 / Top 10 27 Feb 2018, 04:16 IST

John Cena Mania plans revealed
John Cena Mania plans revealed

First, here's the link for the top five WWE rumors of the week - February 20th, 2018 if you aren't familiar with what happened last week.

A lot can happen in a week, especially when it comes to the WWE rumor mill which has churned out some real juicy pieces of speculation including John Cena's road to WrestleMania, Jeff Hardy's return speculation and the Iconic Duo!

#5 Jeff Hardy due back soon

Jeff Hardy could return soon
Jeff Hardy could return soon

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt may be engaged in 'The Great War' but Matt's brother Jeff is currently watching it from the sidelines as he recovers from injury. However, Cageside Seats have included reports of Jeff visiting his specialist in Alabama in their rumor roundup article.

This could mean that Hardy's rehabbing is going well and that the Superstar is due to return soon. Many wrestling news sites are starting to indicate that a Hardy return is imminent with many in the WWE Universe hoping he'd return at Elimination Chamber.

That didn't happen, but it does seem we might be seeing Jeff Hardy, or should I say Brother Nero, very soon.

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