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Top 5 WWE Superstars who have appeared on reality shows

Sammy Sheeran
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Wrestlers on Reality T.V.

The world of professional wrestling and reality television to many, have major similarities between them. They are both competitive in nature, they utilise shock factor in people which in turn creates emotion in the viewer. And not to mention that they both rely heavily on stereotypes to attract viewership. 

Both forms of entertainment have been noted to exploit their talent pool and pretend what you are watching is actual reality. 

With all of the similarities between the two, it’s easy to see how some professional wrestlers have made a switch to or from reality televison throughout the years. 

Here are 5 wrestlers that have made appearances on reality T.V. shows. 

#5 Eric Rowan

Eric Rowan (above) in: “The Great Norway Adventure”

In 2010, before Eric Rowan joined the WWE, he competed in a Norwegian game show called Alt For Norge which was marketed in America by the much more attractive name The Great Norway Adventure. 

The show saw contestants of Norwegian descent compete against each other doing very Norwegian-esque things such as, eating lute fish and camping out on fjords.

Eric actually ended up coming third place on the show which is quite supprising considering his on-screen character in WWE doesn't do a whole lot except be silent, wear a creepy sheep mask and job on behalf of the Wyatt family. 

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