Top SmackDown Rumors: Roman Reigns to feud with former Universal Champion next; Former WWE Champion's daughter to marry current Superstar? Rey Mysterio retirement details & more (13th November)

Reigns/ Aalyah Mysterio
Reigns/ Aalyah Mysterio

Welcome to another edition of the top SmackDown rumors that could have a major impact. WWE is inching closer towards Survivor Series, where RAW and SmackDown will go head to head. It is certain that on Friday night this week, we will see more Superstars join Team SmackDown.

In today's edition, this article will talk about what the future holds for The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and who he may be feuding with next. We will also take a look at Rey Mysterio's future in WWE, reason for Dominik's push and plans for a marriage.

So without further ado, let us jump right in and take a look at the big rumors involving SmackDown Superstars:

#5 Who will Roman Reigns feud with next on SmackDown?


After coming out on top in his feud against Jey Uso, Roman Reigns will soon be looking for a new challenger for the Universal Championship. Dave Meltzer of WON has stated that it likely that Kevin Owens will be next in line to feud with Roman Reigns on SmackDown.

He also stated that it is possible that Roman Reigns and Jey Uso have a brief feud with Daniel Bryan first. Bryan was brutally attacked by Jey Uso on SmackDown at the behest of Roman Reigns.

He's scheduled to work with Daniel Bryan, out of necessity it seems, because Bryan wasn't positioned like a main event title contender at all when he returned. The funny part is that Reigns vs. Bryan is a planned title direction shortly which makes no sense if you watched the match with Uso. Owens is also on that short list right now. But it's very clearly the Reigns show.

Kevin Owens has been languishing in the mid-card for far too long. It is time that The Prizefighter returns to the main event and possibly reclaim the Universal Championship.

#4 Aalyah Mysterio to marry Murphy on SmackDown?


One of the hottest angles on SmackDown right now is the budding love story between Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy. The two have been going against the Mysterio family and openly defying Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik.

As per Dave Meltzer of WON, the storyline on SmackDown has the same 'DNA' as a WCW storyline that involved Konnan and the Colon family. Meltzer revealed that in that story, Konnan ends up marrying the daughter of Carlon Colon but was revealed as a master manipulator in the end.

I still see certain DNA in the writing of this angle because so much of it is reminiscent of a WWC angle where Konnan, the top heel, was going to marry Stacy Colon, the sister of Eddie (Primo) & Carly (Carlito) and daughter of Carlos that was a big deal one year in Puerto Rico. For what it's worth, at the end Konnan asked her to marry him and eventually the family started to accept him and then he turned on her and said he manipulated the situation from the start. Not to say that's how this turns out but I know Rey has much input in this angle.

Meltzer said that WWE could be heading in the same direction with Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio.

#3 SmackDown Superstar Rey Mysterio talks about his retirement


Rey Mysterio is one of the most iconic Superstars on SmackDown. The Master of 619 has not only been a great wrestler but also a great father as he has already set a solid base for his children Dominik and Aalyah, on SmackDown.

While it is certain that Dominik and Aalyah will achieve great success in WWE, there have been rumors that Rey Mysterio might be retiring soon. Speaking on Chasing Glory, Rey Mysterio addressed these rumors and stated that he would retire by the age of 50.

“I’ll be 45 in December. And I don’t see myself going past 50, that’s for sure. My body feels great right now. I’ve been doing new methods of therapy – STEM cells, hyperbaric chambers, cryo chambers, CBD’s, you know, a lot of things that benefit me. I think that has given me more longevity.”

SmackDown Superstar Rey Mysterio also stated that he would most likely end his career in WWE itself, saying that 'you can't go higher' than WWE.

#2 Major SmackDown storyline to be dropped

'The Boss' Sasha Banks proved her dominance on SmackDown last week by beating Bayley while defending her SmackDown Women's Championship match.

Sasha Banks defeating Bayley at HIAC to win the SmackDown Women's Championship and ending Bayley's historic title reign. While Bayley and Sasha Banks have perfect chemistry with each other, their feud looks to be done for the time being as Carmella attacked Banks on SmackDown last week after her match.

Bayley also took to Twitter and stated that she is sone with Sasha Banks for now. Bayley added that she has always thrived without Sasha Banks.

I'm done with you....FOR NOW!!!!!!!! Because this isn't over until I SAY it's over. After all, I've always thrived without you.

Even if the feud between the two friends-turned-foes is over right now, it is almost guaranteed that the two will meet again inside the ring. It is possible that WWE is giving their feud a break so that the two can face each other again, perhaps at WrestleMania next year.

#1 Details on Dominik Mysterio's push on SmackDown


Dominik Mysterio has already become one of the key characters on SmackDown in his young career. Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio revealed that WWE had different original plans for Dominik initially and his current push was not supposed to happen until 2021.

"We weren't expecting this opportunity so quick. We were still giving it about another year of training. We started to negotiate with WWE for him to potentially sign a developmental deal, and we said ok. I told him to go to the Performance Center and get ready and be ready by 2021. This opportunity presented itself. I told him I can't say yes or no. It's up to you. However, you feel. As a parent, the last thing I wanted him to do is fail on his first try. I said all eyes are on you. It isn't an indie show with no TV. You are live worldwide, SummerSlam, one of the biggest PPVs in WWE. He took the opportunity. He had been training for almost three years by then."

Dominik Mysterio made his WWE debut in a match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. While Dominik still has a long way to go when it comes to in-ring skills, he has been making all the right waves on SmackDown.

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