Top WWE salaries revealed: Discover how much money Triple H, Vince and Stephanie McMahon earn

Vince McMahon's pay has been revealed
Vince McMahon's pay has been revealed

Its well known that WWE is a multi-billion dollar multimedia behemoth, with talent sprawled throughout the world, broadcast deals aplenty and a bigger corporate profile than most companies could ever dream of.

As well as providing the in-ring action we see on the likes of Monday Night RAW and Friday Night SmackDown each week, WWE also has a big community presence, a home on the stock market and one of the most envied training facilities - their WWE Performance Centres - anywhere on the globe.

Have you ever wondered, however, just how much that costs? For instance, Vince McMahon has spearheaded WWE ever since the 1980s, while his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, is firmly established as the company's Chief Brand Officer. Her husband, Triple H, not only boasts an impressive executive role as the Chief Operating Officer but is also one of the most recognisable wrestling talents of all time, even if his days of active performances are on the wane.

With so many balls being juggled in the air by this trio alone to keep WWE moving apace, just what does it take to pay them accordingly? Fascinatingly, the company was able to give us an insight recently ahead of its latest shareholders' meeting.

How much do Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H earn?

Via Wrestling Inc, we've discovered that Vince himself will pocket a cool $1.4 million dollars for his work during during 2020 as a base salary - an amount that has remained unchanged for the last couple of years.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, meanwhile, will both make $730,000 for 2020 - increases for the pair of around $20,000 on last year.

Make no mistake - those numbers are huge, but if you're thinking that by top-level WWE standards they seem a little modest, you'd be right.

Keep in mind, the figures noted above are base salaries, and it's likely that all three of the huge names we mentioned here will make much, much more when you factor in, for instance, being paid for their presence as on-air personalities for WWE's television and broadcast outputs, and any stock options.

Purely as an example, Triple H earned in excess of $3.3 million dollars last year (2019) for his when adding in his pay as an on-air performer, which in itself was down considerably on his combined 2018 pay of just over $5 million.

None of them appear on television often these days. Aged 50, the King of Kings hasn't featured in a bout for WWE in almost nine months, and instead spends much of his time steering the company's stellar NXT brand. 73-year-old top dog Vince McMahon has poured a lot of his time into the second iteration of the XFL, and Stephanie, 43, is one of the faces of the company in the realm of community outreach and philanthropy.

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